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Monday, May 25th ~ We're sending out a MAJOR LOVE! (reminder)

♥We're sending out a MAJOR LOVE! - Monday, May 25♥
at 2pm PT / 3pm MT / 4pm CT / 5pm ET
21:00 GMT* / 22:00 BST / 23:00 CEST
(See timeanddate.com/s/2rc6 for your location)

Please join us on MAY 25 for this month's #MajorLovePrayer, when we will again be uniting WORLDWIDE at the exact same moment to HEAL THE WORLD with positive energy, in honor of Michael Jackson! ♥ Absolutely EVERYONE is invited. All faiths and beliefs are welcome. (You don't even have to be an MJ fan to take part - although we really hope that you are. ;)

*WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?* Every month since 2009 we've come together in global spiritual unity - on the same day, at the same time - to "send out a major love" in Michael's honor. Our intention is to fill the world with LOVE, by connecting the largest group possible of loving hearts across oceans and continents. Together we then embrace the planet and all living things within a powerful field of unconditional MAJOR LOVE, envisioning all beings and every atom on Earth peaceful, loved and whole. It is our hope and belief that this will affect the deepest core of consciousness and HEAL hearts from within - from the tiniest speck of matter to the highest levels of spirit - for it is WITHIN where all joy, hope, healing, inspiration and positive change begins.

(Note: info in many other languages is available in the menu above ^ )

1) Relax, breathe deeply and focus yourself in LOVE. (If you need help with this, try thinking first of WHO you love and how much you love them. Hint: focusing on Michael helps! ;) Just let your heart fill with JOY, GRATITUDE and LOVE. Breathe LOVE. Be LOVE. It's okay if it takes a couple of minutes to get there. No rush. Keep breathing LOVE...

2) When you're ready, visualize/feel us all reaching out with that love, like ribbons of light CONNECTING across the world with the same purpose, in this same moment. It's as if we are holding hands across oceans and continents, creating a GLOBAL GRID OF LOVE. We are ONE. ♥

3) Sending out a MAJOR LOVE! ♥♥♥ Now "send" that LOVE out across the planet. Visualize/feel/imagine it like waves of joyful energy expanding outward from your heart, or like a flow of heart-shaped confetti that comes from above, through you and out into the world. Together we declare: "WE LOVE YOU MORE!" The love EXPANDS worldwide, touching every atom, until all the planet is surrounded and filled with beautiful, glowing LOVE. You may focus on particular 'trouble spots' in the world and specifically send them LOVE. We wish healing, peace and joy for EVERYONE, for EVERY CHILD and ALL in need, for all animals, oceans, forests and all of planet Earth. Stay in this for as long as you can keep the focus... for several minutes, ideally. Just feel it and be present with this feeling and all of planet Earth in oneness.

4) When you feel ready to slowly "come back" from this expanded state, begin to focus on your breathing and the feeling of the chair, bed or floor beneath you. Open your eyes again and 'let go' of the prayer (you can actually open your hands like you're releasing it). Know that the level of LOVE has just been amplified and will stay this way, for all who need it. May we remember this truth daily, and do our best to carry it within our hearts in all that we do. Amen/Namaste/Gratitude. ♥

THANK YOU! May we always be united in this mission that transcends all boundaries. Our deepest gratitude to all our fellow 'MJ fam', for keeping Michael's legacy alive with LOVE... with all the beautiful things done in his memory. It's all part of the same LOVE, and together we can do so much more than alone.

See you again next month!
Love and blessings,
~ the MLP team

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