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Global Major Love Prayer this Wednesday, November 25, 2020 ❤️❤️❤️

❤️ Major Love Prayer/Meditation ❤️
❤️ Wednesday, November 25 ❤️
❤️ At the same moment worldwide ❤️

Dearest MJFam ~ This coming Wednesday, November 25th, we will be uniting worldwide to SEND OUT a MAJOR LOVE and to embrace the planet with GRATITUDE, HARMONY and ONENESS! 💕🌏💕 This will be the 135th consecutive monthly global #MajorLovePrayer in honor of Michael and his mission to HEAL THE WORLD. Everyone is invited to join along, whether you'll be online or not, and of all faiths or beliefs. Wherever you may be...we are ONE.

At prayer/meditation time, simply relax and center yourself in calm, peaceful LOVE and GRATITUDE. United in spirit and intention across the world, we then form a global grid of MAJOR LOVE. The love expands and grows to embrace each of us, our families, friends, neighbors, towns, countries and ALL the world... loving ALL the world with all our hearts. Together we send this MAJOR LOVE to comfort and strengthen those in need, to provide for miracles, to encourage and inspire harmony, empathy and thoughtful, loving action among all people... and to hold everyone and our beautiful planet within a field of POSITIVE ENERGY, resilient HEALTH and HOPE! 🙏💕🌎💕🙏

Please check for the time in your location, and there is step by step info below and on our website, www.majorloveprayer.org. We'd always appreciate help with spreading the word, too. Thank you so much, to all our beautiful friends around the world! ❤️

See https://timeanddate.com/s/41rh for the time in your specific location. Some example cities:

- 2pm/14:00 L.A./Seattle/Vancouver (PST)
- 3pm/15:00 Denver/Calgary (MST)
- 4pm/16:00 Chicago/Mexico City (CST)
- 5pm/17:00 NYC/Toronto/Lima/Bogota (EST)
- 18:00 Halifax/Caracas/La Paz
- 19:00 Rio de Janeiro/Santiago/Asuncion
- 22:00 Reykjavik//LONDON (**GMT**)
- 23:00 Berlin/Paris/Prague (CET/MEZ)
- 00:00 Athens/Bucharest/Cairo/Cape Town
- 01:00 Moscow/Istanbul/Nairobi (26th)
- 01:30 Tehran - 02:00 Dubai (26th)
- 03:00 Karachi/Lahore (26th)
- 03:30 Mumbai/New Delhi/Kolkata (26th)
- 04:00 Dhaka/Almaty - 4:30 Yangon (26th)
- 05:00 Bangkok/Jakarta/Hanoi (26th)
- 06:00 Perth/Hong Kong/Manila (26th)
- 07:00 Tokyo/Seoul - 7:30 Darwin (26th)
- 08:00 Brisbane - 08:30 Adelaide (26th)
- 09:00 Sydney/Melbourne (26th)
- 10:00 Suva - 11:00 Auckland, NZ (26th)

(If there's any problem with the time chart link, just ask Google or Siri what time 2:00pm Los Angeles is in your location) 


~ ~ ~ 1) *CENTER YOURSELF IN LOVE & GRATITUDE* - When it's about time to begin, clear your mind, breathe deeply and calmly, and focus your heart in LOVE as deeply as you can - breathing it, feeling it, BEING LOVE. Let stress and worries go. Center yourself within, at your spiritual core, where you are LOVE. It may help to think of your loved ones, of a Higher Power, etc. Invite LOVE, PEACE, compassion and truth into your heart. Be THANKFUL for all the love you have had in your life. Say any personal prayers as you wish. Allow yourself to glow in benevolence and peace for a couple of minutes...

~ ~ ~ 2) *GLOBAL GRID OF LOVE* - Next, it's time to connect across the planet! ❤️💞❤️💞 We are each focused right now in love and gratitude, with a common purpose, so now REACH OUT with that love to your fellow 'MJ family' around the world and to all who are joining us, on every continent, in every nation. We now link hearts and hands in spirit, forming a global grid of MAJOR LOVE! We are each a shining point of love energy, connected to the next, to the next and the next, encircling and uniting the world with MAJOR LOVE and ONENESS. 🌎

~ ~ ~ 3) *SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE!* - Now it's time to send out that MAJOR LOVE to ALL the world! Visualize (and/or feel) the love expanding around you and within you. It flows between us and out across the world and back, across every ocean and continent,  expanding as it goes, filling the entire planet with MAJOR LOVE -- touching every single heart without reservation (everyone, everything!) and HEALING THE WORLD from within! ALL ARE LOVED. Every single life. Every life-supporting molecule is in PERFECT HEALTH. All are within this MAJOR LOVE. Nothing is left out of this LOVE and the feeling of GLOBAL generosity and thankfulness. 💝

~ ~ ~ 4) Hold this vision/knowing (for several minutes, if you can) of the entire planet - everyone and everything- glowing in beautiful LIGHT and LOVE, filled with HARMONY and POSITIVE INTENTIONS. Healing, healing, on every level, filling every atom with VIBRANT HEALTH and LOVE. This MAJOR LOVE is now anchored upon the earth, in every location, everywhere. It settles within everything and is one with all. May it remain available for ALL IN NEED - those who are sick, suffering, grieving, in need of hope or protection, and all who are seeking inspiration and strength to #MakeThatChange.

May MAJOR LOVE fill our souls, and may we carry this love with us for the highest good, for our families and friends, our neighbors, our communities, for nature and all the world. And may MJ's legacy continue to be surrounded by the divine protection of love and truth... 💕

May you all be healthy & loved this holiday season...
Thank you and major love!


Next Major Love Prayer: December 25 ❤️🌲
Website: www.majorloveprayer.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/majorloveprayer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MajorLovePrayer
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