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Thank you, Michael ~ June 25, 2019 and forever

THANK YOU, MICHAEL ~ From your fans around the world, in every nation. We miss and love you so much. May your legacy continue to shine in brilliance and truth, to inspire, delight and heal the world for generations to come. #MichaelJackson #HonorMJ #10YearsWithoutMichaelJackson

Dearest Michael,
THANK YOU so very much for all the beauty you've given the world. Thank you for sharing your talent, for the happiness, the excitement, the magic, the anticipation, the wonder, the mastery, for all that's shiny and sparkly and so splendidly bright. Thank you for the music, the words, the tunes that will never get old. Thank you for singing to us with that beautiful voice. Thank you for the emotion, the elation and all that was such a true revelation. Thank you for the dance, the dance, wow - the dance! Thank you for the energy, the beat, for the movement you channeled from God to your feet. Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, the joy of life that shone in your eyes and went straight to our hearts. Thank you for your daring, your innovation, for keeping the world on its toes with cutting edge inspiration. Thank you for the dreams, the surprises, the fantasy and the hope. Thank you for the adventure and for challenging the status quo.

THANK YOU for your strength, your courage, for never giving up, even when it seemed the whole world was against you. Thank you for not giving in when you knew you were right, for standing and fighting for truth, without spite. Thank you for your determination and endurance, although we'd have given anything if only it hadn't been needed.

THANK YOU for living from the soul, for your kindness and caring, for trying to make a difference, for letting your light shine and brighten so many lives. Thank you for not being afraid to cry, to show us we could really try to be who we are inside, for making it cool to be God's glow, hold hands and heal the world. Thank you for never letting us forget the children of the world, our future, so desperately in need of love and protection. Thank you for reminding us that we are the children, that innocence will guide us in the right direction.

THANK YOU for always being so gorgeous inside and out that we couldn't help but chase you. Thank you for the hugs, for loving us more, for your patience with we who intensely adore. Thank you for the comfort and gentleness you radiated from within. Thank you for the gift of awakening, to each other and to the heartbeat of the planet. Thank you for all the wonderful things I've forgotten in this moment that I'll think of later and wish I'd added to this list. Thank you for all the years, even the ones in which we shed tears, for in the end it was all for LOVE. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the LOVE. Love is what matters and we understand this so, But for the world to know it... did you really have to go? Michael, we miss you. 
Loving You Forever, 
Your fans around the world

(- bgg, originally posted June 25, 2010)
#MajorLovePrayer every 25th 
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June 25th Major Love Prayer ~ to honor MJ and Heal the World

❤️ 'Major Love Prayer'/Meditation ❤️ 
❤️ Tuesday, June 25 ~ 2pm PDT ❤️ 
❤️ At the same moment worldwide ❤️
(See this post on Facebook as well)

Dearest MJFam ~ On Tuesday, we will be united across the globe throughout the day to HONOR Michael Jackson with our deepest and most heartfelt LOVE, RESPECT and GRATITUDE.🌎💞 And at exactly 2:00pm Pacific Time we invite you to please join us in heart and spirit at the same moment worldwide for a special #MajorLovePrayer/ Meditation, both to CHERISH MICHAEL and to send out a MAJOR LOVE to HEAL THE WORLD in his honor. ❤️ (See timeanddate.com/s/3sw0 for the start time in your location.)

Absolutely EVERYONE is welcome, and you can join from WHEREVER you are, whether online or not. Friends will be joining from all over the planet, including at FOREST LAWN (a group there will join us for #MajorLovePrayer at 2pm, and then continue for the large circle that gathers for Michael in front of Holly Terrace shortly after). We will be, and are, ONE in LOVE, now and for always. May this help mend the hearts of the world, of each other and beyond, with united LOVE & GRATITUDE. How-to/Instructions are below and on the website www.majorloveprayer.org. We wish you much love! Please help SPREAD THE WORD where you can :x Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

Find your location at timeanddate.com/s/3sw0

June 25:
- 2pm/14:00 Los Angeles/Seattle/Vancouver (PDT)
- 3pm/15:00 Denver/Calgary/Guatemala (MDT) - 4pm/16:00 Chicago/Winnipeg/Mexico City (CDT)
- 5pm/17:00 NYC/Toronto/Havana/Santiago (EDT)
- 18:00 Rio de Janeiro/Montevideo/Halifax
- 21:00 Accra/Reykjavik (UT)
- 22:00 London/Lisbon/Kinshasha (BST)
- 23:00 Paris/Budapest/Cairo/Johannesburg (CEST/MEZ)

It will be JUNE 26 in these places:
- 00:00 Helsinki/Bucharest/Moscow/Istanbul
- 01:00 Dubai - 01:30 Tehran
- 02:00 Karachi/Lahore
- 02:30 Mumbai/New Delhi/Kolkata
- 03:00 Dhaka/Almaty - 3:30 Yangon
- 04:00 Bangkok/Jakarta/Hanoi
- 05:00 Perth/Beijing/Singapore/Manila
- 06:00 Tokyo/Seoul - 06:30 Darwin/Adelaide
- 07:00 Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane
- 09:00 Auckland

(Please read before or follow along)

1) Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Say any personal prayers you'd like to start with. Focus your heart in LOVE. It may help to first think of those you love, like family, friends, etc, and let your heart open. (You can send your LOVE to Michael on this day as well, if this is within your belief. Many believe life goes on and that loved ones may be especially"close" on days such as this. If so, then let your heart be open, surrounded in divine protection, then... picture him in your mind as vividly as you can... hug him, tell him, thank him, cry, smile, be in peace. Hold him in your heart with GRATITUDE as we continue...♥️)

2) When you feel ready and your heart is full of LOVE, turn your attention to all the others who are also focusing at this moment. We are united in spirit all over the world - for our monthly 'Major Love Prayer', but today also at MJ tributes, at Forest Lawn, Neverland, in his honor - and we now JOIN HANDS IN SPIRIT with the energy of this shared LOVE. Visualize us now CONNECTING across oceans and continents with beams of intense love energy traveling from one person to the next, forming a GLOBAL GRID OF MAJOR LOVE! All locations are now linked by major love...and we are ONE. 🌏💕

3) Feel this MAJOR LOVE... Can you feel it?! Let it expand within and all around you. Let it flow outward in all directions so that ALL THE WORLD feels it! Send it out to fill all spaces in between, to touch every heart. May this HEAL THE WORLD with LOVE, UNITY and PEACE! Visualize the entire planet glowing in beautiful MAJOR LOVE that illuminates every heart and all of nature, until even the molecules in the air glow with LOVE! We ask that it soothes and HEALS THE WORLD and that it PROTECTS and NOURISHES all the CHILDREN and EVERYONE IN NEED. May it serve as inspiration to create positive change from within and bring humanity together in PEACE. May it CHANGE THE WORLD for the betterment of all. ❤️

4) Stay in this place of MAJOR LOVE and hold this vision for as long as you can, with all the LOVE in your heart. Embrace the world with a GIVING HEART.

(~They should now have formed the circle of love for Michael at Holly Terrace. We are with them. With you. We are one.~)

Hold all in thankfulness, including your loved ones, all with whom you agree or disagree, Michael's loved ones, and MICHAEL... across time, space and forever. We pray that he will be cherished, recognized and celebrated today and always with RESPECT, and that his legacy is protected with TRUTH and DIGNITY for countless generations to come.

Amen / Namaste / Blessings & Gratitude
🙏🌍🌻 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

THANK YOU, and MUCH LOVE to each of you, for all you do for Michael's legacy, on this day and always. Today of all days, you are not alone! {{{hug}}} And DEAR, BEAUTIFUL MICHAEL... You are SO loved and so very missed. How we wish you were here! We will continue the message. We will continue to fight for the truth. And we will always love you. May your soul reside with the angels, surrounded in all that is LOVE. Thank you, Michael... ❤️❤️❤️
#MajorLovePrayer every 25th 
Website: www.majorloveprayer.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/majorloveprayer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MajorLovePrayer
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