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Pls join us DECEMBER 25 (and daily!) for 'Major Love Prayer' for GLOBAL PEACE

'Major Love Prayer' for GLOBAL PEACE
December 25 (& each day leading up to it!)
at 2pm PST / 3pm MST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST
10.00 UK / 22:00 GMT / 23:00 CET / see time chart

Wherever you are in the world, please join us in LOVE, PEACE and GLOBAL UNITY on December 25 (Christmas Day) for the next ‪#‎MajorLovePrayer‬! We will also be doing this DAILY for the next week as we lead up to the holiday! As always, absolutely EVERYONE is invited... all beliefs, all nations, all the world!... so feel free to ask your friends and family to join you! The world is in such great need right now of all the LOVE and desire in your heart for PEACE, COMPASSION and COOPERATION you can give.

Next Thursday (and every day, if you can!) we will join in spirit at the same moment (see time chart) across the globe, ONE in consciousness, to actively and with purpose send out a MAJOR LOVE! We will HOLD THIS INTENTION in our hearts, envisioning the WORLD FILLING WITH LOVE, HARMONY and PEACE for as long as we can (up to 15 minutes or more if you can do it). May every man, woman and child, every being and molecule we share this beautiful world with be touched with this LOVE, reawakening ALL hearts to the truth that is the JOY of all creation. May we ALL, from this moment on, treat each other with respect and understanding, and may LOVE replace the hatred, greed and violence that humanity has too often inflicted upon their neighbor. It is with this FAITH and HOPE for a better world that we come together every 25th in honor of Michael... to fill the planet with LOVE, creating change from the inside out!

Thank you all so much, and we wish you much LOVE and JOY this holiday season!!! ~ the MLP team www.majorloveprayer.org

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