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Thank you for another beautiful #MajorLovePrayer ♥♥♥ If you're a few minutes late, pls join in now! :)

Our global "#MJFam" is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist... and a thousand more beliefs and religions. We are black, white, brown and all shades in between... and all beautiful. We are every nation, every ethnicity, every opinion under the sun! WE ARE THE WORLD!

‪‎Major Love Prayer‬ isn't about a specific group or who's "right" or "wrong" in the fan community. Let's leave those divisions behind, even if only for a moment. This is for EVERYONE, all UNITING together in the truth of oneness... Uniting in MAJOR LOVE to HEAL THE WORLD in honor of Michael Jackson!

So please join us each 25th at 2pm PT (see http://www.majorloveprayer.org/ each month for current global time charts) as we celebrate this LOVE, connect hearts across the world with it, and then EXPAND it to encompass PLANET EARTH in PEACE, HEALING & LOVE! If you can, please help us spread the word far and wide! It's much appreciated! Let's harmonize all around the world ... today and always ♥

Thank you to all of you who have kept this going since 2009! Without your care and love this would just be a website sitting here in cyberspace doing nothing. It's YOU that makes this happen. We want to thank our beautiful family of LOVE all around the world for their continuing forever commitment to Michael's legacy and ALL that you do to keep his living memory shining and bright. Thank you to all those who work for TRUTH and justice. Thank you to all of you who have begun and/or who participate in projects in every nation in his honor... charities, helping others, children's homes, hospitals, messages of love to those in need, donations to those in need, monuments/tributes, keeping the fan community informed, helping those who cannot travel to express their appreciation for this amazing man on special days.

We can't all do everything, but even a little something is SOMETHING! So bless you, much love and gratitude, and see you next month again for Major Love Prayer and TOMORROW for the next daily "PowerPrayer4MJ" (for truth and protection of Michael's legacy, children and loved ones).

 ~ the MLP Team & our friends across the world

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TODAY is July 25th! ~ Please join us worldwide for #MajorLovePrayer at 2pmPT!

✦ Attention: This THURSDAY is July 25th!!!✦
♥♥♥ We're sending out a MAJOR LOVE! ♥♥♥

2:00pm L.A. • 5:00pm NYC • 6:00pm Rio de Janeiro • 21:00 Reykjavik • 22:00 (10pm) London • 23:00 CET • 00:00 Bucharest • 01:00 Moscow • 02:30 Mumbai • 04:00 Bangkok • 05:00 Hong Kong • 06:00 Seoul/Tokyo • 07:00 Melbourne • 09:00 Auckland -- Time charts & instructions in 19 languages

All you need to do is focus on LOVE at prayer time ... and hold it in your heart with GRATITUDE... reach out with it and connect with all of us... imagine holding our hands ... then visualize the LOVE energy expanding, expanding, encompassing the WHOLE WORLD and all living things. Hold that vision of Earth glowing in LOVE... hold the feeling for several minutes, as long as you can! Imagine that EVERY HEART IS TOUCHED. See people with glowing hearts on every continent. This is how we begin to HEAL THE WORLD from the inside out, one heart at a time! This is our mission!

Every month since 2009 our global "MJfam" has come together at the same moment on every continent to focus on LOVE, connecting our hearts with it, and then sending it out across the planet in a huge wave of healing energy that envelopes the Earth and all living things in MAJOR LOVE. We've been doing the daily "PowerPrayers4MJ"... now THIS, the 25th, is our day to direct all our LOVE out to the WORLD and to the children... to everyone. So please join us THIS THURSDAY at exactly 2:00pm PT (22:00 London time) and let's help HEAL THE WORLD with LOVE in honor of Michael Jackson! ♥♥♥ Thank you, lovelies! ~ the MLP Team

This pic was posted by a friend on Twitter ~ Love it! ~ Thank u to Angie K.K. out there somewhere!

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Coming Together DAILY for Truth and Protection of Michael's Legacy & Children

Dear #MJfam ~ Please don't forget the DAILY #PowerPrayer4MJ for TRUTH and PROTECTION ~ It's not about a specific religion or belief system.... absolutely EVERYONE is welcome, for we are the WORLD ~ UNITED FOR MICHAEL. Call it prayer, meditation, intention, affirmation, focused thought and emotion, all of the above or whatever you choose, but together we are visualizing and calling upon LIGHT, LOVE and TRUTH for Michael, Prince, Paris and Blanket.

Monday through Saturday
9am PT - noon ET - 5pm UK - 18:00 CET

Every day we are putting intense focus into protecting Michael's legacy and his children from lies, manipulation, bullying and negative attacks. We need to do everything we can to educate the world about the TRUTH and speak the TRUTH. This prayer is something we can do *additionally*... with the power of Universal Source/God/positive energy. If you can believe in miracles, in a Higher Power that "makes all things possible", or even in the ability of human consciousness to affect in the world ("whatever we believe we become"), please join us on Facebook and on Twitter (hashtag #PowerPrayer4MJ) as we join as ONE to fill the courthouse at 111 North Hill Road in L.A. (where both the AEG trial, probate & civil cases like Wade Robson's are heard) and saturating the MEDIA with transforming LIGHT.... transmuting lies into TRUTH, and praying with all our hearts for PROTECTION of Michael's beautiful dreams, music, art, name, reputation and for his CHILDREN... all within an impenetrable shield of HEALING LOVE.

Thank you so much, all of you who LOVE Michael and who do whatever you do in your own way to help his legacy SHINE for all time... WE LOVE YOU ~ THANK YOU!

More info at http://www.majorloveprayer.org/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MajorLovePrayer
Twitter https://twitter.com/MajorLovePrayer

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