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TODAY is July 25th! ~ Please join us worldwide for #MajorLovePrayer at 2pmPT!

✦ Attention: This THURSDAY is July 25th!!!✦
♥♥♥ We're sending out a MAJOR LOVE! ♥♥♥

2:00pm L.A. • 5:00pm NYC • 6:00pm Rio de Janeiro • 21:00 Reykjavik • 22:00 (10pm) London • 23:00 CET • 00:00 Bucharest • 01:00 Moscow • 02:30 Mumbai • 04:00 Bangkok • 05:00 Hong Kong • 06:00 Seoul/Tokyo • 07:00 Melbourne • 09:00 Auckland -- Time charts & instructions in 19 languages

All you need to do is focus on LOVE at prayer time ... and hold it in your heart with GRATITUDE... reach out with it and connect with all of us... imagine holding our hands ... then visualize the LOVE energy expanding, expanding, encompassing the WHOLE WORLD and all living things. Hold that vision of Earth glowing in LOVE... hold the feeling for several minutes, as long as you can! Imagine that EVERY HEART IS TOUCHED. See people with glowing hearts on every continent. This is how we begin to HEAL THE WORLD from the inside out, one heart at a time! This is our mission!

Every month since 2009 our global "MJfam" has come together at the same moment on every continent to focus on LOVE, connecting our hearts with it, and then sending it out across the planet in a huge wave of healing energy that envelopes the Earth and all living things in MAJOR LOVE. We've been doing the daily "PowerPrayers4MJ"... now THIS, the 25th, is our day to direct all our LOVE out to the WORLD and to the children... to everyone. So please join us THIS THURSDAY at exactly 2:00pm PT (22:00 London time) and let's help HEAL THE WORLD with LOVE in honor of Michael Jackson! ♥♥♥ Thank you, lovelies! ~ the MLP Team

This pic was posted by a friend on Twitter ~ Love it! ~ Thank u to Angie K.K. out there somewhere!

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Kerry Hennigan said...

As I write this it is already 25th of July here in Australia, and I continue to send out my MajorLove to Michael's family. I have been torn by some of the posts and tweets of recent days, especially while Michael's beloved mother was on the witness stand. I don't agree with her civil suite, and I was appalled at how unprepared she was when giving testimony, how little she seemed to know despite all the publicity and her presence at the criminal trial. I really felt pain for her, not only for her/our grief at the loss of her most sensitive son, but at the signs of age and pain that clearly came through in her responses. I will continue to pray for her, while focusing on Michael's children, Michael's memory, Michael's wonderful legacy and the Estate's work to perpetuate it in positive ways. Lord safeguard them all and deliver us all stronger in faith and love from this time of trial (literally and figuratively!)

BeGodsGlow said...

Our "MJFam" is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist... and a thousand more beliefs. We are black, white, brown and all shades in between... all beautiful. We are every nation, every ethnicity, every opinion under the sun! WE ARE THE WORLD!

‪#‎MajorLovePrayer‬ isn't about a specific group or who's "right" or "wrong" in the fan community. Let's leave those divisions behind, even if only for a moment. This is for EVERYONE, all UNITING together in the truth of oneness... Uniting in MAJOR LOVE to HEAL THE WORLD in honor of Michael Jackson!

So please join us TODAY, this 25th, at 2pm PT (22:00 UK -- see http://www.majorloveprayer.org for global time charts & info in 19 languages) as we celebrate this LOVE, connect hearts across the world with it, and then EXPAND it to encompass PLANET EARTH in PEACE, HEALING & LOVE! If you can, please help us spread the word far and wide! It's much appreciated! Let's harmonize all around the world!

Anonymous said...

Posting today that we will all be one world and that the suffering of humanity and the animal kingdom will one day come to an end. Praying for peace in everyone's lives and especially in families that are torn by fighting. Praying for all humans and animals that are victims of domestic violence and the violence of war, greed, ego, and other social conditions that haunt our planet and society. May there be peace on earth and may it begin with each one of us all. Blessings on everyone.

Angie Karan said...

Lots of LOVE for ALL ~ The Whole World ~

~ Angie Karan

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