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Worldwide prayer/meditation this Saturday, Feb 25 ~ We're sending out a MAJOR LOVE!

Major Love Prayer / Meditation
SATURDAY, February 25
Worldwide at the same moment!
(...See global time chart below...)

Dearest Global MJFam ~ Please join us this Saturday, February 25th for #MajorLovePrayer! At the same moment worldwide WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE in global unity ~ infusing the planet with much-needed LOVE, PEACE and POSITIVE ENERGY! 💞🌎 We will focus in love, connect in spirit and then embrace ALL THE WORLD in healing, transforming MAJOR LOVE! ♥ ♥ ♥ This will be the 90th month we've joined in honor of Michael Jackson and the children of the world. EVERYONE is invited to join... all faiths/beliefs, all nations, wherever you are, whether you'll be online or not. To participate, just follow the simple instructions below, or visit www.majorloveprayer.org (info available in 23 languages). Please help spread the word! Thx! ♥


For your location, see timeanddate.com/s/35kq
- 2:00pm Los Angeles/Vancouver (PST)
- 3:00pm Denver/Albuquerque/Calgary (MST)
- 4:00pm Chicago/Winnipeg/Mexico City (CST)
- 5:00pm New York/Miami/Toronto (EST)
- 18:00 San Juan/Halifax
- 19:00 Buenos Aires/Santiago
- 20:00 Rio de Janeiro
- 22:00 Reykjavik/Lisbon
 - 22:00/10:00 London/Ireland/UK (GMT/UT)
- 23:00 Paris/Berlin/Rome (CET/MEZ)
- 00:00 Bucharest/Jersualem/Cape Town
- 01:00 Moscow/Istanbul (26th)
- 02:00 Dubai (26th)
- 03:30 Mumbai/New Delhi (26th)
- 05:00 Bangkok/Jakarta (26th)
- 06:00 Beijing/Singapore (26th)
- 07:00 Tokyo/Seoul (26th)
- 08:00 Brisbane (26th)
- 09:00 Melbourne/Sydney (26th)
- 11:00 Auckland (26th) ...
MORE AT -> http://timeanddate.com/s/35kq

1) Relax, breathe deeply and focus yourself in LOVE. (If you need help with this, try thinking of WHO you love deeply first.) Let your heart fill with JOY and GRATITUDE. Breathe LOVE. Be LOVE. It's okay if it takes a couple of minutes to get there! Just breathe with as much LOVE as you can feel...

2) When you're ready, visualize reaching out with that love energy and CONNECTING to all of us across the world who are joining you today. Together we will form a GLOBAL GRID of LOVE, connected and essentially holding hearts across oceans and continents! 

3) Next, LET YOURSELF LOVE ALL THE WORLD. Let the feeling EXPAND, GROW and ENCOMPASS EVERYTHING & EVERYONE! Send this MAJOR LOVE outward, to every molecule, across oceans, continents, forests and deserts. You may visualize Earth from above, the whole planet glowing in the beautiful light of MAJOR LOVE. You may focus on particular areas with great need as you send your love across the planet. With this MAJOR LOVE, all are HEALED. All are in PEACE. All are LOVED. WE LOVE YOU MORE!

4) Stay in this feeling, embraced in HARMONY - for several minutes if you can! Hold the vision and know it is true. We ask that this MAJOR LOVE remains amplified and fully available to all in need from this point forward. 💞 When you are ready, refocus on your surroundings, feel the ground beneath you, open your eyes and carry this love with you today and always!



Thank you all for joining in this global healing! And thank you so much to everyone keeping Michael's legacy in their heart! Let us continue to CHANGE THE WORLD together. Much LOVE and gratitude to you all, lovelies! ♥
~ the MLP Team
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