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August 29th ~ Celebrating Michael Jackson's Birthday! (LOVE & events across the world in his honor)

How are YOU celebrating Michael's birthday? Please feel free to share your love and ideas here in comments or on Facebook, where we'll all be posting tributes throughout the day :) And below is a list of  just some of the special things happening today in Michael's honor...

♥ August 29th PowerPrayer4MJ (majorloveprayer & friends) ~ Our daily prayer for Truth and protection of Michael's legacy and children will be all about JOY and GRATITUDE today! Please join us at 9:00amPT - noon ET - 5:00pm UK - 18:00 CET on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to tweet your prayers and wishes with hashtag #PowerPrayer4MJ

 MJ Global Birthday Party! (by fan groups) ~ Live all day, with streaming music and multi-language chat rooms! See link to join in the celebration with fans around the world.

 3-Day Tribute to Honor Michael Jackson in Gary, IN! ~ "Beginning Aug. 29 at 3:30p.m., a block party will kick-off at 2300 Jackson St. filled with an afternoon of music, live entertainment and food vendors.  Festivities will continue Friday, Aug. 30 at 3:30p.m. with more performances by local Gary talent as well as acts from across the country. The block party on Saturday will begin at 11:30a.m. with music, fun, games and will conclude with a fireworks display at dusk." - See http://www.teamgaryindiana.com/?p=2117

♥ Tribute Ad by fans placed in Los Angeles newspaper! ~ It will run today, August 29th! 

♥ Michael Jackson We Are One Michael Worldwide Birthday Celebration! (by michaeljackson.com) "Be A Part of the First Michael Jackson We Are One Worldwide Birthday Celebration, Thursday, August 29, 2013. Share Your Instagram Photos & Videos All Day on Michael Jackson Birthday Global Map"

♥ Michael Jackson Birthday Party 2013 (London, UK) The 1st EVER! "Michael Jackson Birthday Party London" taking place at Juno August 29th. Join us for the magic of Michael's music throughout the evening. At just £5, bring your family, friends and a pair of comfortable dancing shoes cuz we Don't Stop Till You Get Enough! (Age restriction applies 18+)"

♥ MJ Fanvention (Chicago) - August 29 through 31 - "So far we have another great and more extensive exhibit by the Chicago Blues Museum.  More memorabilia, more photos and more unseen video presentations.  Along with great speakers that will reveal and share information about the life and talent of Michael Jackson."

♥ Birthday Message from Michael's drummer, Jonathan 'Sugarfoot' Moffett - This is beautiful message! Definitely read! :) Thank you for this! Here's just an excerpt: "Kings don’t look like Kings at time of birth. They come into this world unannounced, much unlike the story of the ‘King of Kings,’ a story well known and the ‘King of Manifested Gifts,’ who came mostly and primarily un-noticed from birth through infancy, until its youth of childhood, that is, until an awakening within of awareness and the awakening without from all those around them, who’d almost suddenly come to realize that something’s different about this ONE!

♥ Happy Birthday Michael Jackson from THE IMMORTAL World Tour (video) by Cirque du Soleil "Happy birthday from the cast and crew . We feel honored to celebrate and share your legacy on stage."

Parties, TV/radio tributes & your love! ~ There are events of love and appreciation taking place all across the world in Michael's honor today. For instance, BET in America will be paying tribute to MJ all day today, as are other music channels and radio stations in other countries. You can always listen to streaming music from the Global Birthday Party site or MJTunes as well :) My family will have a special cake and flowers and spend the day watching Michael, celebrating him with all our hearts, as well as leaving lots of LOVE online! We'll focus on the JOY and HEALING Michael brought the world and our souls, and all that we wish to give to/for him in return! And please don't forget the #PowerPrayer4MJ at 9amPT :) Thank you! ~bgg

If we're missing something huge that we should've remembered (lol), we'll update this post! ;)

Oh Michael, I adore you with all my soul ~ Thank you for ALL you are and have been. May we celebrate your birthday today with renewed JOY and gratitude!... for your heart, your caring, your genius, your art, your magic, your courage, strength and perseverance, your amazingness and beauty in all those ways, your smile, your laughter, your kindness, for the real YOU... the spirit within those eyes, whom I love more than could ever be told. Thank you for your LOVE. I truly thank God for you, and realize how incredibly blessed we are to have walked the world in your time. May we never let you down. We're so proud of you, Michael! And we are deeply humbled and honored to be yours. Bless you! August 29th should be a global celebration... Michael Jackson Day! May it be! WE LOVE YOU ~ Happy Birthday, beautiful Michael, now and forever! ♥♥♥ (- bgg)

Thank you to ALL of you out there who recognize this wonderful soul for who he is. Thank you for being there with us all, through good times and bad. Let us always stay together with LOVE, for Michael and all the world's children! Blessings and Love, MLP Team

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Thank you, beautiful #MJfam! MajorLovePrayer

Another beautiful day of LOVE! ♥♥♥ Let's carry this out into the world now and LIVE the message, being God's glow as best as we can :-) Michael's birthday is in four days... It's a time to celebrate this incredible human being, so let's make it a whole week of MAJOR LOVE in his honor and do something wonderful for someone else each day! :-) Every day an act of kindness!

 And tomorrow at 9am PT we continue with the daily PowerPrayer4MJ too. Thank you all soooo much for everything you do for Michael's legacy and in the name of LOVE! It's an honor to LOVE with you. Blessing and Major Love, ~ the MLP team

See you all again for the next Major Love Prayer: September 25th

PS We apologize if you've recently written us an email and you haven't heard back. We'll try to get caught up this week :) Thx and Love ~

This SUNDAY, August 25th We're Sending Out a Major Love @2pmPT! ♥♥♥ #MajorLovePrayer

♥♥♥ WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE! ♥♥♥ This Sunday, August 25 @ 2:00pm PT ~ You are invited to join thousands of fans around the world at the same moment as we come together in UNITY and PEACE to fill the world with MAJOR LOVE in honor of Michael Jackson! This will be the 48th monthly Major Love Prayer and since it's so close to MJ's birthday, let's make this the BIGGEST PRAYER/MEDITATION YET! We'd love if you could please share this post (see share buttons below), or tag/share this photo on Facebook! We also have all the basic info in 19 different languages available. And you can join us on Twitter with hashtag #MajorLovePrayer :)

Our goal is to change world consciousness with the healing power of LOVE... to connect together in this LOVE and grow it through us, between us and then expand it to include EVERYONE and EVERYTHING on Earth! Love has the power to heal, and Michael knew this. He kept telling us over and over. When Love touches your heart, even for a moment, it creates change... it plants a seed with the potential to grow into a living miracle of compassion and understanding. We believe that IF ENOUGH OF US REALLY DO THIS, with deep focus and joy, the light of LOVE can overcome any darkness! It just takes faith and trust and the willingness to GIVE LOVE openly and freely, to HEAL what needs to be healed. By sending this MAJOR LOVE into the world, to everyone and everything, it makes it powerfully available to touch every cell, every heart, every breath and thus bring about a kinder world from the inside out. EACH TIME WE DO THIS we're creating RIPPLES... and although we may not see the immediate effects, rest assured that those waves are splashing upon distant shores where they can do their work to uncover the LOVE in every soul, from the heart of creation.

So please, please be with us at 2pm Pacific Time (5pmET - 22:00 London - 23:00 CET - 01:00 Moscow - 06:00 Tokyo - 07:00 Sydney time - see global chart on timeanddate.com/s/2c4q) to be a part of this GLOBAL WAVE OF LOVE! Let's do it for Michael and help HEAL THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD! ♥♥♥ 

Thank you soooooo much, all of you who have time and again demonstrated such deep and loving commitment to Michael's legacy, through Major Love Prayer and all the other beautiful ways in which we are CHANGING THE WORLD TOGETHER! Let's keep it up! Let's harmonize all around the world ~ in PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT ~ Thank you from the MLP team

Thank you, Michael. We are yours forever. 

 2:00pm Pacific =
 3pm Mountain,
 4pm Central,
 5pm Eastern,
 22:00 London (BST),
 23:00 Paris/Berlin (CET),
 midnight Bucharest,
 01:00 Moscow,
 05:00 Hong Kong,
 06:00 Tokyo,
 07:00 Sydney,
 09:00 Auckland
global time chart

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REMINDER: This SUNDAY is August 25! ♡ We're Sending Out a Major Love! #MajorLovePrayer ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ REMINDER~ This weekend it's August 25th! ♡♡♡ On SUNDAY We're Sending Out a Major Love!!! Please mark your calendar for this month's global healing event ~ The worldwide fan community has been coming together in honor of Michael EVERY 25th since 2009 to focus our consciousness, hearts and souls on unconditional MAJOR LOVE! Together we are filling the planet in an ever-expanding LOVE grid on every continent, across every ocean, forest and pole to pole with one purpose: HEALING THE WORLD... WITH LOVE! ♡♡♡

Please join us THIS SUNDAY (August 25) at exactly 2pm Los Angeles time (5pmET- 10pm London- 23:00 Paris ... see time chart or countdown timer at the top of the page, and the Guide to Monthly Prayer for easy info in 19 languages) ~ Together we can change the world! ♡

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Researching Prayer ~ New Insights about LOVE's healing effect

This is fascinating! Talk about HEALING THE WORLD WITH LOVE! ♥ I happened to catch a radio show from the US the other night with one of the guys from Spindrift Research, one of many people/organizations doing deep research into consciousness and the potential of prayer/intention.

They have concluded that there are two main types of prayer: 1) goal-oriented, and 2) non-goal oriented. The first involves our own desires and is intermingled with our own ego... that is, we think WE know what's best and ask for something specific. The second type includes the spirit of "holiness" and unconditional love. It simply fills/surrounds the person or situation with LOVE, asking for the greatest good that can happen, for healing and love.

THE MOST EFFECTIVE SEEMS TO BE THE NON-GOAL-ORIENTED, which is exactly what we're trying to do with Major Love Prayer! :) This type of prayer, if you can truly GIVE LOVE without trying to direct the outcome with specifics, seems to RE-ORDER, MEND and HEAL whatever/whoever is being prayed for. It fixes the negative, what's broken, what's not in the flow of LOVE and returns it to a healed, whole state of being. Amazing :) You can hear about some of this research starting at 0:39:37 minutes into this radio show: http://youtu.be/_wxLLdJI33k?t=39m37s Thank you & much LOVE, lovelies! ♥♥♥

P.S. I should point out that we have no relationship with Spindrift. I just heard this radio show and knew I had to share the info. :)  There are other researchers out there as well, from Dr Gary Schwartz at University of Arizona, Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, HeartMath Institute and all the ones I'm forgetting at this moment, lol ... but it all points to the power of focused consciousness, especially when focused with spirit/love/gratitude and high intentions. It may not cause an immediate observable effect, but the changes are there, trickling down from consciousness into physical reality. Hope you get a chance to listen, and please share with us in comments if you know of more :) Thx  ~bgg of the MLP team

"Love is the most important thing in the world." ~ Michael Jackson

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#PowerPrayer4MJ is back to 9amPT (no more split schedule)

SCHEDULE CHANGE ANNOUNCEMENT! ♥ Lovelies~ ‪#‎PowerPrayer4MJis leaving behind the confusing split time schedule and will happen at the SAME TIME DAILY ~ 9:00am PT ~ Monday thru Saturday! To check the time in your location, see http://timeanddate.com/s/2ec9. This time was preferred by the majority of those who regularly join the daily prayer (we asked on FB & Twitter), and is the original time we began with back in April. We will continue filling the courthouse with LOVE and LIGHT every morning at 9amPT before testimony begins for the remainder of the trial, and calling the same divine healing energy for TRUTH in the media and for the protection of Michael's legacy, children and mother. We hope you can join us here and/or Twitter daily, whenever your schedule allows. Thank you SO much, much love, and have a good weekend! ♥ ~ the MLP & PP4MJ teams 

We will update info on website, etc as soon as we can.


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