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Thank you, beautiful #MJfam! MajorLovePrayer

Another beautiful day of LOVE! ♥♥♥ Let's carry this out into the world now and LIVE the message, being God's glow as best as we can :-) Michael's birthday is in four days... It's a time to celebrate this incredible human being, so let's make it a whole week of MAJOR LOVE in his honor and do something wonderful for someone else each day! :-) Every day an act of kindness!

 And tomorrow at 9am PT we continue with the daily PowerPrayer4MJ too. Thank you all soooo much for everything you do for Michael's legacy and in the name of LOVE! It's an honor to LOVE with you. Blessing and Major Love, ~ the MLP team

See you all again for the next Major Love Prayer: September 25th

PS We apologize if you've recently written us an email and you haven't heard back. We'll try to get caught up this week :) Thx and Love ~


CassieforMaxwell said...

God Bless you for continuing these prayers. I know Michael hears them and he smiles.

BeGodsGlow said...

Thank you, Cassie ♥♥♥

Kerry Hennigan said...

Love and prayers always! <3

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