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This SUNDAY, August 25th We're Sending Out a Major Love @2pmPT! ♥♥♥ #MajorLovePrayer

♥♥♥ WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE! ♥♥♥ This Sunday, August 25 @ 2:00pm PT ~ You are invited to join thousands of fans around the world at the same moment as we come together in UNITY and PEACE to fill the world with MAJOR LOVE in honor of Michael Jackson! This will be the 48th monthly Major Love Prayer and since it's so close to MJ's birthday, let's make this the BIGGEST PRAYER/MEDITATION YET! We'd love if you could please share this post (see share buttons below), or tag/share this photo on Facebook! We also have all the basic info in 19 different languages available. And you can join us on Twitter with hashtag #MajorLovePrayer :)

Our goal is to change world consciousness with the healing power of LOVE... to connect together in this LOVE and grow it through us, between us and then expand it to include EVERYONE and EVERYTHING on Earth! Love has the power to heal, and Michael knew this. He kept telling us over and over. When Love touches your heart, even for a moment, it creates change... it plants a seed with the potential to grow into a living miracle of compassion and understanding. We believe that IF ENOUGH OF US REALLY DO THIS, with deep focus and joy, the light of LOVE can overcome any darkness! It just takes faith and trust and the willingness to GIVE LOVE openly and freely, to HEAL what needs to be healed. By sending this MAJOR LOVE into the world, to everyone and everything, it makes it powerfully available to touch every cell, every heart, every breath and thus bring about a kinder world from the inside out. EACH TIME WE DO THIS we're creating RIPPLES... and although we may not see the immediate effects, rest assured that those waves are splashing upon distant shores where they can do their work to uncover the LOVE in every soul, from the heart of creation.

So please, please be with us at 2pm Pacific Time (5pmET - 22:00 London - 23:00 CET - 01:00 Moscow - 06:00 Tokyo - 07:00 Sydney time - see global chart on timeanddate.com/s/2c4q) to be a part of this GLOBAL WAVE OF LOVE! Let's do it for Michael and help HEAL THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD! ♥♥♥ 

Thank you soooooo much, all of you who have time and again demonstrated such deep and loving commitment to Michael's legacy, through Major Love Prayer and all the other beautiful ways in which we are CHANGING THE WORLD TOGETHER! Let's keep it up! Let's harmonize all around the world ~ in PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT ~ Thank you from the MLP team

Thank you, Michael. We are yours forever. 

 2:00pm Pacific =
 3pm Mountain,
 4pm Central,
 5pm Eastern,
 22:00 London (BST),
 23:00 Paris/Berlin (CET),
 midnight Bucharest,
 01:00 Moscow,
 05:00 Hong Kong,
 06:00 Tokyo,
 07:00 Sydney,
 09:00 Auckland
global time chart

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Winter said...

We are quiet, but we are not alone. Who will hold my hand?

CassieforMaxwell said...

I will.

If we can touch the heart of just one human being, our work will not have been in vain.

Anonymous said...

L.O.V.E. is always the answer <3

Anonymous said...

I am here and hope to be a part of the greater good.

Anonymous said...

I will hold Your hand too :) Sending Love & Hope from Finland for All Creations of Life

BeGodsGlow said...

Always here with you all! ♥♥♥

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