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November 25, 2013 ~ Sending Out a MAJOR LOVE! Thank you, everyone!

November's Major Love Prayer 2pmPST / 5pmEST / 22:00GMT / 23:00CET
We're sending out a MAJOR LOVE! Just LOVE with your heart. Think of everyone you LOVE. Just FEEL it. See yourself GLOWING IN LOVE.

Now reach out with that LOVE ENERGY .... reach out for the hands of all the others doing the same at this moment... REACH OUT & #HoldMyHand...

We are CONNECTED ... across every continent... in every nation...

Now EXPAND THAT LOVE... send it out... fill the world! SEE IN YOUR MIND that the PLANET IS GLOWING... it is LOVE and PEACE and HEALING.... Ask for this, wish for it, see it, feel it...

HOLD THE WORLD IN YOUR HEART and LOVE IT! That's a MAJOR LOVE! Be in this. Stay in this. Hold this vision and this feeling and this wish as long as you can. See the MAJOR LOVE healing EVERYONE and EVERYTHING it touches... See it awakening hearts...

Be in this LOVE now and ever more! 

THANK YOU, every single person who has kept this monthly prayer/meditation alive since 2009! We send you all our LOVE and our GRATITUDE. ♥♥♥ Many blessings and hugs in this difficult time. May we hold to the message of LOVE and PEACE and never forget that WE are stronger than anything that can be thrown in our way, as long as we stay UNIFIED BY LOVE! See you next month (December 25th, same time) for another #MajorLovePrayer! And daily for #ComeTogether4MJ :) Love, the MLP Team

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Reminder: Monday, November 25 We're Sending Out a Major Love!

Don't miss this important monthly event ... the 25th is already here!
On Monday, November 25th at exactly 2:00pm PST (early morning Tuesday is some parts of the world - please check the time chart), MJ fans across the planet will join as one, with all our hearts, in a global prayer/meditation/focus to Heal the World with LOVE. This has taken place every month for over four years now, and we believe it's up to all of us to continue Michael's mission of LOVE in every way we can.

Major Love Prayer is a moment for EVERYONE, when we can set aside our disagreements and stress and unite with the power of LOVE! From one person to the next to the next, across all borders and barriers, across oceans and continents, no matter where you are please join this global wave of conscious LOVE! Visualize the energy of LOVE, like beautiful shimmering light, glow from within you and from Above. Reach out with it and connect to the thousands of others doing the same at this exact moment. Expand it across the globe. See the Earth glowing in it! See everyone, every living thing, within it. Let your heart LOVE and let us LOVE as One. Extend your LOVE to all in need, asking that it HEAL all, and that together our LOVE may touch even the hardest heart and awaken it from within. Let this MAJOR LOVE do nothing less than CHANGE THE WORLD, one heartbeat at a time...

Thank you, and see you this and every 25th at 2pm PT (22:00 GMT) :) This month's global time chart and instructions/info in 19 languages are available on our website (see menu).

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