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August 29th ~ Celebrating Michael Jackson's Birthday! (LOVE & events across the world in his honor)

How are YOU celebrating Michael's birthday? Please feel free to share your love and ideas here in comments or on Facebook, where we'll all be posting tributes throughout the day :) And below is a list of  just some of the special things happening today in Michael's honor...

♥ August 29th PowerPrayer4MJ (majorloveprayer & friends) ~ Our daily prayer for Truth and protection of Michael's legacy and children will be all about JOY and GRATITUDE today! Please join us at 9:00amPT - noon ET - 5:00pm UK - 18:00 CET on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to tweet your prayers and wishes with hashtag #PowerPrayer4MJ

 MJ Global Birthday Party! (by fan groups) ~ Live all day, with streaming music and multi-language chat rooms! See link to join in the celebration with fans around the world.

 3-Day Tribute to Honor Michael Jackson in Gary, IN! ~ "Beginning Aug. 29 at 3:30p.m., a block party will kick-off at 2300 Jackson St. filled with an afternoon of music, live entertainment and food vendors.  Festivities will continue Friday, Aug. 30 at 3:30p.m. with more performances by local Gary talent as well as acts from across the country. The block party on Saturday will begin at 11:30a.m. with music, fun, games and will conclude with a fireworks display at dusk." - See http://www.teamgaryindiana.com/?p=2117

♥ Tribute Ad by fans placed in Los Angeles newspaper! ~ It will run today, August 29th! 

♥ Michael Jackson We Are One Michael Worldwide Birthday Celebration! (by michaeljackson.com) "Be A Part of the First Michael Jackson We Are One Worldwide Birthday Celebration, Thursday, August 29, 2013. Share Your Instagram Photos & Videos All Day on Michael Jackson Birthday Global Map"

♥ Michael Jackson Birthday Party 2013 (London, UK) The 1st EVER! "Michael Jackson Birthday Party London" taking place at Juno August 29th. Join us for the magic of Michael's music throughout the evening. At just £5, bring your family, friends and a pair of comfortable dancing shoes cuz we Don't Stop Till You Get Enough! (Age restriction applies 18+)"

♥ MJ Fanvention (Chicago) - August 29 through 31 - "So far we have another great and more extensive exhibit by the Chicago Blues Museum.  More memorabilia, more photos and more unseen video presentations.  Along with great speakers that will reveal and share information about the life and talent of Michael Jackson."

♥ Birthday Message from Michael's drummer, Jonathan 'Sugarfoot' Moffett - This is beautiful message! Definitely read! :) Thank you for this! Here's just an excerpt: "Kings don’t look like Kings at time of birth. They come into this world unannounced, much unlike the story of the ‘King of Kings,’ a story well known and the ‘King of Manifested Gifts,’ who came mostly and primarily un-noticed from birth through infancy, until its youth of childhood, that is, until an awakening within of awareness and the awakening without from all those around them, who’d almost suddenly come to realize that something’s different about this ONE!

♥ Happy Birthday Michael Jackson from THE IMMORTAL World Tour (video) by Cirque du Soleil "Happy birthday from the cast and crew . We feel honored to celebrate and share your legacy on stage."

Parties, TV/radio tributes & your love! ~ There are events of love and appreciation taking place all across the world in Michael's honor today. For instance, BET in America will be paying tribute to MJ all day today, as are other music channels and radio stations in other countries. You can always listen to streaming music from the Global Birthday Party site or MJTunes as well :) My family will have a special cake and flowers and spend the day watching Michael, celebrating him with all our hearts, as well as leaving lots of LOVE online! We'll focus on the JOY and HEALING Michael brought the world and our souls, and all that we wish to give to/for him in return! And please don't forget the #PowerPrayer4MJ at 9amPT :) Thank you! ~bgg

If we're missing something huge that we should've remembered (lol), we'll update this post! ;)

Oh Michael, I adore you with all my soul ~ Thank you for ALL you are and have been. May we celebrate your birthday today with renewed JOY and gratitude!... for your heart, your caring, your genius, your art, your magic, your courage, strength and perseverance, your amazingness and beauty in all those ways, your smile, your laughter, your kindness, for the real YOU... the spirit within those eyes, whom I love more than could ever be told. Thank you for your LOVE. I truly thank God for you, and realize how incredibly blessed we are to have walked the world in your time. May we never let you down. We're so proud of you, Michael! And we are deeply humbled and honored to be yours. Bless you! August 29th should be a global celebration... Michael Jackson Day! May it be! WE LOVE YOU ~ Happy Birthday, beautiful Michael, now and forever! ♥♥♥ (- bgg)

Thank you to ALL of you out there who recognize this wonderful soul for who he is. Thank you for being there with us all, through good times and bad. Let us always stay together with LOVE, for Michael and all the world's children! Blessings and Love, MLP Team

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Anonymous said...

This was a very powerful August 29th. And think about it, as the world sits on the verge of yet more conflict. We do need love in the world. And in our own individual ways, we have the privilege and the power to experience it, particularly if we provide it through being of service to other human beings, and to those who are in great need. Kindness to animals is another strong suggestion. Michael loved animals, and as we see that the way humans treat animals is closely linked to how we treat our fellow humans. Openness and love renders a more unified, peaceful world with respect for all life forms. This is what truly matters. It seems like a lot to live up to, but we can take it a little at a time. It takes time to become a "higher-ordered" thinker, ponderer, and considerer. So, therefore, no one should be down on themself just because they don't feel that way yet. Life is a journey, and spiritual development is the most important aspect of that journey, even outweighing the part that is most commonly focused upon, such as what one does for a living or how much one makes in the way of money. If the two parts of one's life can converge, and someone is privileged to do work that is sacred and that they love, this is wonderful. However, in no way should we ever underestimate those who do "menial" tasks, yet are the ones providing our clean bathrooms, our fast food, our nursing home care, our groceries bagged, etc. Everyone, absolutely everyone is important, and therefore fits into this web of the tapestry of life and human experience. WE are truly the world, so keep up the great work here, and be mindful, always mindful, to work toward the greater good, which is peace, love, and serving humanity and the creatures of the world - all of them. And may everyone know love in return, for it is said that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
I believe this does occur and when it does, we don't always notice it until much later or after the fact. So, stay aware, and you will see, that We are Not Alone, and everything we do counts toward life. Not too late to change, either, even if you feel that you are not able to turn things around - you can Make that Change! Blessings to all on such a pivotal day, now passed, 08.29. 2013.

Kerry Hennigan said...

It was wonderful to have so much happening all over the planet to honour Michael on or near his birthday. The number of media sites posting messages (even the Smithsonian!!!) was great to see, and I'm sure is due to the amount of support the remembrance of Michael's birthday has been given by the fans, his music industry colleagues, his family and friends. I had just returned from a short trip to Hong Kong to see IMMORTAL with my MJ friends there, so wasn't able to do much beyond joining in on the official website's Instagram birthday posts, dropping in briefly to the global on-line party (my internet connection is not that good, so was able to do little more than say 'hello') and putting on a birthday morning tea for MJ for my work colleagues - something I do every year. They seem to appreciate it and take it in a spirit of fun and appreciation. Then on Saturday a few friends and I took over a corner of a local Chinese restaurant for MJ's birthday lunch. So, one way or another, we certainly made the occasion known amongst friends and work colleagues! Hope everyone else had a great time too!

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