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Child of innocence, I miss your sunny days...

"Child of innocence, messenger of joy
You've touched my heart without a ploy
My soul is ablaze with a flagrant fire
To change this world is my deepest desire."

~ Michael Jackson, from "Child of Innocence"

Thank you, Michael. ♥

It is the 3rd of September (2011, but this is a story that is relevant in any year on this day). What I have written is sad and I'm sorry for that. I really don't want to make others sad, but I couldn't stop the words. Two years ago my family and I sat before the television, framed photos of Michael surrounded by reverently placed flowers and lighted candles, a white rose laid out for our beloved. When the live feed from Forest Lawn was cut, we turned to a special DVD I'd made for this night. It was soft music, instrumentals, Michael's beautiful voice (the most beautiful voice I have ever heard) and a slideshow of his heavenly eyes, his sweet smile... the face of an angel, an amazing man, a genius, a father, a beautiful soul whose very existence has filled me with joy my whole life, whom I have cared for so personally, so deeply that there simply are no words to express it. We cried again. How could tears still be left after a summer filled with unending rivers of them? How do they still come so easily today?

I had prepared some things to say, to read, for Michael. One of the most precious was his poem "Child of Innocence" from Dancing the Dream. Michael is this for me. And yet, I couldn't get through the first words of this poem that night. I could not read this as eulogy. My voice cracked and was just gone... away in the vast ocean that had formed one teardrop at a time. I shook. I couldn't do it. But it is in my soul, in his, in yours. One in pain, but also one in joy, in love, in consciousness. He is and always will be my messenger of joy, in his elegance and beauty, my heartbeat fluttered to the rhythm of his dance, beckoning me beyond the call of duty, to change the world... with LOVE.

Thank you, my beautiful Michael. Our gratitude is as unending as your grace. You are missed from this world, yet I know you are alive and exuberant in spirit, evermore. Bless you always and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
~ BeGodsGlow, Sept 3, 2011


Jacinta said...

This one is retweeted!!

Elmira said...

Ah, that was another very sad day, today two years ago. Thank you for expressing your joy, hope, pain and profound love for this exceptional man that touched so many hearts during his life with his messages of love. And he touched many, many more after his passing, finally waking up to his beauty, love and light. Beautifully and heartfelt expressions of love. <3

one of Michael's millions of fans said...

I had tears in my eyes reading this.
Thank you.

And thank you as always, Michael.

pstern said...

Beautiful words, so sad and true...
Thank you so much!

another one of Michael's millions of old fans. said...

Love you BeGodsGlow, your words came also from my heart.

mjangel said...

It's been a long while since I've posted here...but, none the less, my heart remains, now and always, filled with the joy, the deep adoration, the admiration and forever L.O.V.E. of this beautiful soul. He was a gift to us, if only for a short time. Michael's heart was 'THE' shining example of what all hearts should be! Not only did he care, he proved it every single day! Dearest Michael,your earthly body may be gone, but, I know that your heart and love remain... I feel your strength and comfort around me all the time! I will love and honor you always~~ Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything you gave and still give

BunnyCooper said...

I just stopped by and couldn't help but leave a message in response to this. Yes it was a sad, sad day when the beautiful physical manifestation of love was entombed. I am so grateful that he just plain refuses to stay in whatever little box we seem intent on putting him in. All his life, people were anxious to categorize him, stereotype him, and dissect him ... and all his life he proved that he would not be restricted by our artificial boundaries or limited by a puny definitions. Thank God, he still does not go quietly into that deep night! He's still the pushy, little moonwalker he always was ... and I am so grateful for that. That marble sarcophagus and bronze casket are not strong enough to hold him! Thank you, baby, for continuing to touch our hearts and souls with your beautiful light. Your brilliance is blinding!

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