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Thank you, and please remember LOVE

Thank you all so very much joining us today for Major Love Prayer! This was such an important prayer, for even more reasons than usual, plus it was the 2-year anniversary of the first time we sent out a major love as a group in September 2009.

Remember that this same visualization we used today can be used at any time over the next weeks.

This site will have more updates in the days and weeks that follow (such as for the Sunflower Stand for Justice for Michael on Tuesday morning! 100 sunflowers will be handed out at the courthouse so that fans may stand in peace as one united force. Be there at 7:30 am in the courtyard to join!). For now, please know that YOU are SO important... your voice, your strength and your prayers make a difference! Your voice that calls for LOVE is crucial in this world. With one voice we can move through the trial maintaining love within our hearts, even in the toughest times, even when we are confronted with anger and distress. Love begets love, so let us try to hold this truth within our hearts and stay UNITED. That is key. May justice be done, may truth be told and may we gently guide each other in the ways of oneness even as we are ourselves are guided from within and above. We're here for Michael and for each other. Always. Inseperable, for we were never separate. Bless you all, much, much love and gratitude and we'll see you all again October 25th for Major Love Prayer and before that for other prayers and messages and togetherness. ~ Love, the MLP team

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khnL7KFS-Tw (Thank you, Irina, for this wonderful video)

Inspirational quote for any moment you feel you're the only one. You're not. You are never alone:
"Do what you feel in your heart to be right -- you'll be criticized anyway." ;)
~Eleanor Roosevelt

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Brenda Beazley said...

To all my Major Love Prayer partners.....thank you for sharing in the shining of our collective love light on all of humanity.....no brighter light can shine but for the light that shines above.....together with that the sun cannot compete....

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