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Just sending your Love ... please join us today at 2pmPT / 10pm UK

Dear #MJfam, Please don't feel sad about not being able to be somewhere special today, or to do something tremendously HUGE in tribute ~ Don't feel bad or inadequate if you feel you can't fulfill an unspoken expectation of specialness on this one day. Just do what you feel. Just love him. Most of us can't be at Forest Lawn or Neverland, or write the perfect tribute song, or poem, or Facebook post or tweet. But we all love Michael, and TOGETHER our hearts are united in that LOVE ... WORLDWIDE. Let the expressions of eternal LOVE soothe your soul, and hold our beautiful Michael there, in your soul. Let today be your tribute. Let tomorrow, the next day, and the next. Let each day that you feel that LOVE be your tribute. Let it flow next month. Let it flow next year. While June 25th is certainly an important day, both in celebration of his life and yes, in pain... the sun will once again rise on the 26th. It will be another day, another chance to spread that LOVE and make that change in his honor, for love, truth and all that's right. So be still and feel some peace. Don't feel pressured inside that your expression of love isn't "enough". He knows. We all know. He is loved. You are loved. We are ONE in this LOVE. Sending you blessings... ♥♥♥ ~bgg of MLP team

Here's something we all can do, no matter where you are!... 
--> June 25th Major Love Prayer in Honor of Michael

✦June 25th✦ at the exact same moment across the world, fans will be joining hearts in GLOBAL LOVE, HONOR & RESPECT FOR MICHAEL JACKSON. ♚♥ℳℑ♥♚ Wherever you will be today... even just home in your living room... please join us at 2pm LA time (10pm UK - see time chart) in MAJOR LOVE & GRATITUDE, cherishing Michael together as ONE. Plus, WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE to heal the world in his honor! ♥♥♥ We do need help spreading the word, so please share...

Thank you & much LOVE! ♥♥♥
Website http://www.majorloveprayer.org/
June 25 FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/538261112878206/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MajorLovePrayer
Twitter https://twitter.com/MajorLovePrayer
Hashtags #MajorLovePrayer & #PowerPrayer4MJ

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this loving post. It's all about love.

Anonymous said...

i always try tonever to miss Major Love Prayer, it makes me feel so connected to Michael and all of his Everloving FANS. THANKYOU :> XOXOXOXOXOOXOX

Love and Big MJ Hugs to Everybody who made this possible xoxooxoxoxoxox

Lesley xo

Nina Hamilton said...

I'm here, my candle is burning and Michael is here in my heart. Every beat, every thought and action is for him.

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