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Bodhisattva (poem by Jan)

I stand just beyond your reach
My purpose now only to teach
Less tangible, but no less real
I can still see, hear and feel
Your love from across the chasm
I am not a ghostly phantasm
Out of sight behind a shimmering weave
How could you think I could bear to leave?

Bathed in a torrent of your tears
Aware of all of your wounds and fears
Silence masked in the roar of the beach
As breakers of sorrow crash against the breach
Echo the thunder of your hearts breaking
Buffeted in the wind of your sigh’s making
Unseen by thousands of eyes
Humbled by your heartfelt cries

I am free to stay or go
I choose to stay so you will know

I walk with you, whisper in your ears
With my kiss I silence your tears
Can you feel me? I cradle you in my arms
Rock you against my breast, keep you from harm
Each and every one intimately known
My love for you has never flown
I promise you, you are not alone

My heart has always beat in tempo with yours
I’m here behind invisible doors
You never have to ask Will You Be There
Just know I am … and we can share
This wondrous planet where we can play
Reach out for me, I’m not far away

In the moment of my death
The instant of my last breath
I knew I couldn’t leave you behind
God whispered to me within my mind
“Welcome home, My Beloved Son,
I am well pleased. Your race is won.
I am proud of you. You helped them see
The many different colors and faces of Me.
With every breath you tried to aid
You’ll never know the lives you saved.
Come home to me, my arms await
To enfold you in love at the gate

But you are free to stay or go
You may choose to stay so they will know.”

“Abba, I cannot leave them
See how their world works to deceive them
Can you not hear their cries?
How their hearts recoil from the lies
They still need my help to weather their storms
They still need my presence ‘tho they can’t see my form
My work is not yet done, my contract unfulfilled
I have not healed them, they are still ill
The error of their ways I showed
It takes time for the seed I planted to grow

Am I free to stay or go?
May I choose to stay so they will know?”

I tried so often
To tell you how I felt
My love for you beyond measure
I poured it into all I said and did
To bring you joy, to bring you pleasure
Help you escape the vicissitudes of life
Aide you through your struggles and strife
Give you hope when darkness closes in
Light your way through your valleys of sin
My quest for perfection was not for my glory
But for His … And yours

Did you really think I could leave?
Didn’t you know I would linger
Arms outstretched to welcome you home?
I am not just a dancer, a singer.
Didn’t I tell you I’ll always be there
Just call my name, you are not alone
Don’t walk away and we will share
Right here on Earth, our beautiful home
Whatever happens, don’t let go of my hand
A new consciousness, a higher purpose for man
Much more in line with the prophet’s plan
Heaven can wait, you are my life
As you always have been
‘Tho invisible and Speechless
I speak now from within.

Listen closely
My voice still reminds
Through the music I left you
In your hearts
In your minds

I am free to stay or go
I choose to stay and bring you all home. ♥

~ Major thanks to Jan of With A Child's Heart's Blog for her permission to post this beautiful poem. May it touch more hearts with wonder and inspiration. Thank you, Michael, for all the love.

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free prayer line said...

I read your blog and found it very

informative and helpful to me .Thanks for such an


Jacinta said...

Beautiful poem, Jan!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jan, for your, and I believe, Michael's poem!!! Many people begin to feel and realize that Michael IS Maitreya, Second Coming, The World Teacher e.t.c. And I don't afraid to say this!!! "There Is No Danger To Tell The Truth!"

Debbie-Lisa said...

Hello Jan,
Thank you for your beautiful poem. It's how life is "on the other side". Michael & all those we love are always here with us,,,in spirit. They are watching us from above.


anaamamj58 said...

I have tears in my eyes and yet my heart feels happy. Your beautiful poem is inspiration indeed.
Thank you for the love Michael. We are all one because of you.

Anonymous said...

Jan, it's beautiful.. thank you so much. I understand Who Michael Is and recognize Him, and I'm not alone. People.. we have been waiting this the most important Event many thousand years!! THIS IS IT!!! Michael - is The Light for the world, this is REAL. He IS The Teacher of all Teachers. It's true.
Don't be afraid to be aware and read some new information, which help you understand it. Research: Maitreya or The World Teacher and compare with Michael, all becomes extremely clear. In Russia many and many people recognize Him. (I'm telling you to open your mind; to reach out for the true; I just want you to RECOGNIZE Me in the Tample" and many-many things :) - MJ)

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