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Making Way for Miracles

'Making Way for Miracles' (c) B. Kaufmann of Inner Michael
(Read to the end for a special new meditation exercise :)

A little miracle happened yesterday. Michael Jackson’s name reappeared on Gardner Elementary school in Hollywood. Having his name covered on the auditorium after being falsely accused of unspeakable acts against children must have hurt Michael deeply. That wrong has now made right by a Principal and Superintendent who were courageous in a move that was bold. Congratulations to everyone who lobbied for this symbolic humanitarian act. And major congratulations to those with open hearts—those whose hearts opened and those who opened them. There is nothing so powerful as a grounded “no” said with an open heart. “No” to an injustice from a heartspace that’s open makes miracles.

If Michael was here what would he say? I think he would be grateful. I think he would humbly thank those whose hearts had opened and those who were instrumental in opening them. And I think he would forgive. Because that forgiving would be so very Michael.

Those people who worked for that simple justice are to be commended not just for their accomplishment but for how they went about it—with diplomacy. It is diplomacy that is so sadly lacking in the world and it is diplomacy that is so badly needed. At the same time these miracle workers were firm and resolute, they were respectful, informative, kind and diplomatic. They made friends with those who could have been made the enemy.

Gardner Elementary school and the world aware of it just witnessed the deconstruction of an unkindness, a demilitarization of something that might have become militant, the decommissioning of a weapon that harmed. Gardner School, its leadership and faculty are to be commended. What a marvelous demonstration of willingness to do the right thing and reconsider a hardened cerebral attitude and replace it with a softened and willing heart. What a beautiful demonstration of generosity for the world. We see and appreciate your courage and your respect for humanness and humanity.

Yes, people are human. People often act in haste without considering the long term consequences of their actions and how they speak to the future. Sometimes those who act from the desire to prevent harm may actually and unintentionally create more. The people who covered up Michael’s name did it because they thought they were protecting the children at Gardner Elementary School. We would all agree that a person who truly commits crimes against children should not have their name on a school building where children gather, are housed and are supposed to be nurtured and safe. The sentiment behind that act of obscuring Michael’s name is understandable. It’s very human.

Unfortunately though, it violated some important principles. It interfered with the assumption of innocence inherent in the law and insulted the U.S. Constitution that insures innocence until guilt is proven, due process and equal treatment under the law. An accusation is not guilt although our culture treats some crimes it deems unforgivable and those accused as guilty immediately upon accusation. That is understandable and that is human. But it is wrong. I wonder if there is a way we can repair that broken part of the system? Actually, it’s not the system, it’s a people thing.

Furthermore, an acquittal means “not guilty.” The eyes of the law are not always the eyes of everyone. And eyes can play tricks on people; so can perception. So why is it so hard to change perception? Especially when there is enough evidence to show that the accusations in Michael’s case were motivated by attempted extortion?

We know that keeping the name covered was a violation of many things: principles, the Constitution, sensibility, due process and the violation of decency especially after the man was found not guilty; however we all know that there are places Michael is still severely judged to this day. It is an injustice and yes, it is time for that to end.

Many were angry about it. Some still are. Most were sad. Many considered it a slap in the face to a man who embodied only love and generosity. Many have been unforgiving of those who covered Michael’s name and kept it covered. And some will insist that the uncovering is not enough—they will want a pound of flesh. Yet isn’t that the same thing they did to Michael? I know we have asked ourselves how many chunks of flesh can be excised in a living being before he or she starts to die from bleeding? How long can anyone survive the theft of so many pieces? How long can a being withstand that pummeling and not die from the inside-out? We all have asked those questions And I know most of us never want to ask it again.

There is an invisible cost to all this judging and angst and longing and demanding the punishment that exacts that pound of flesh. There is an energy that surrounds every incident, every circumstance and every event in reality. Each occurrence is like a little mini-universe. It has a center issue that is an attractor field and everything that orbits that central issue has charge. (I mean that in the sense of getting charged up about something.) And those charges create a field- negative or positive- just like electrical charges create a field and magnetic charges create a magnetic field & so on.

Peoples’ thoughts, ideas, opinions and actions are charged with energy. We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed so we are stuck with all that charged energy whether it is negative or positive. It’s all in the quantum field surrounding the event—it all is magnetized by the attractor field and stays in orbit while we all breathe it, live it, walk in it, and feel it. Yes, we feel it. It’s the soup of reality and sometimes we’re drowning in it. Sometimes it gets hot in that soup. And sometimes we cook in our own juice.

The quantum field is the field of all possibility. All possible outcomes are potentials in the quantum field that creates reality. What reality is experienced depends on the reality we select. Since we humans live in a world of duality, it can be simplified it to a binary system—we can express our bright shadow which is the human brilliance that accompanies the highest potential of humanity; or we can select shadow. Shadow is the lowest common denominator, the ego massaging itself, the darkness that comes from selfishness, fear and a scarcity of love.

In the case of Gardner School there was a field of sadness, fear, illegitimacy anger, disgust, longing, anguish and more. All of that “stuff” that people have projected onto every micro-reality was sitting in the quantum field that surrounded those events. And in the case of the school or other central issues, that field includes the events and all the people involved past and present. There is more work to be done, other realities that have created fields. Other stormy "weather" of consciousness that has left its imprint.

The quantum field is the field of all possibility and all potential outcomes. And it holds the record of every possibility surrounding every event in reality. That is why certain places feel the way they do. For example, churches feel holy and where the homeless sleep feels sad. Places have a feel and vibe because they hold an imprint of what happened there. The Native Americans say “the land remembers” and it is true. Visit the native peoples’ “Trail of Tears” lands where their people were forcibly and brutally removed from their homelands or visit the ovens at Auschwitz and see how it feels and how you feel. See if you can hold back the tears.

In the Gardner school reality and others, the quantum field is imprinted with all the human emotions surrounding the events and reactions to what occurred—in the past and present and the potential future. It is an attractor field usually of sadness, disgust, anguish and longing. Attractor fields are magnetic and usually attract more of the same vibration or “stuff” into their orbit. That is the last thing we want in these situations.

That vibe imprints itself on the quantum field of that reality and leaks into the actual matter there. The events and emotions imprint themselves and hang around the space. They permeate the place and affect the people. Whether well meaning or mean spirited, the vibe hangs out in that field held in place by the magnetism of the attractor. The attractor continues to attract like energy (more of the same) and radiates that out into the universe of that occurrence that is a micro-universe or “creation.” The quantum field does not recognize time so it all coagulates there—the past and the now. With events surrounding Michael, the awareness is worldwide.

The other thing that real diplomacy does is it allows for saving face. The Chinese and Japanese have a tradition whereby the dignity of all parties is left intact during negotiations. Shame is not a nice place to hang out. It is a very low frequency, a bad vibe. That is why people don’t like to admit they owe an apology for it is often implied or inferred that shame and punishment must accompany any apology and are necessary for making amends. That is just heaping-on more shadow. It is better to invite people into their light, guide them to their own bright shadow; lead them toward their brilliance. They will be more willing to change and they will even like you for it. Diplomacy is making friends of your enemies. Haven’t we met shadow with more shadow for long enough? Haven’t you seen enough people respond with shadow to an invitation to become bright shadow? It’s time to stop the advacing darkness. To contain the nonsense.

With the resurrection of Michael Jackson’s reputation and legacy, diplomacy and forgiveness changes the vibration of the field and clears out the shadow that is hanging around, It cleanses and makes room for new possibilities to emerge, be selected, and create new realities. New imaginings emerge to create new realities.
That is what happened with Gardner School. That is making way for miracles. Cleansing the old energy or shadow and replacing it with new quantum possibilities by imagining them, feeding them energy and selecting them with diplomacy births a new creation. It is miracle-making.

Now go and make miracles.


I had been asked to write a meditation or exercise that would shift the shadow in the quantum field surrounding the Gardner School and to create an atmosphere for allowing for a miracle. This meditation was going to be distributed to all of you who wanted to support the possibility for change and miracles and to hold space for bright shadow to emerge in the meeting of the board next week. We may not need it this time, but people asked if they could publish it and keep it for future reference. So I offered to tweak it to make it more generic. I hope you will use it for other things knowing that as you flow forgiveness and kindness outward, it flows into you. And the next time you have to say "no'" do it from a place of grounding and an open heart and leave room for the other to change and save face. And thank them because they just made the world a little brighter.

Because those who worked with the project prepared the field by their diplomacy and actions of forgiveness kindness and open hearts we won't need the meditation next week although gratitude with thoughts or words reinforces the reality. There is nothing so powerful as a grounded “no!” Or ”stop!” Or “change!”… When it comes from an open heart. They and Katherine Jackson had been dialoguing with the school and when the principal was injured in a car accident, they suspended their negotiations and even sent flowers to say “get well.” Now that’s bright shadow; that’s an open heart. You may not be able to hear the sound from there, but the world thanks you for your wisdom.

The Exercise

Please close your eyes and focus on your heart, on your heart light. See and feel it glow warm and beautiful. Expand it in all directions. Let it grow brighter and brighter until it encompasses your whole being. Now allow yourself to grow huge—at lot bigger than this event. Envision yourself as this glowing giant being of light with unlimited power that comes from the divine Source of all things. Amplify your size and your light and feel and expand the grandest love of your compassionate heart until it spans the entire space or whole universe and events surrounding the situation you would like to see change. Encompass all the people connected or concerned, the act that was unkind, and all the thoughts and feelings that accompanied that act then and that accompany it now.

Know that in the quantum field, there is no time. Feel and understand all of the feelings involved and without any judgment, allow those feelings to pass through your gigantic loving heart. Breathe them into your magnificent light body knowing they will not harm you or have any residual effect on you whatsoever. But as you breathe them in, imagine and feel them streaming through your heart and being filtered and transformed into forgiveness and love; know that this happens through the power of your magnanimous divine loving heart. Sense, know, feel and experience this to be true—that all the negative energies and feelings as well as all the people no matter their intentions have been forgiven and transmuted by the divine breath and our collective giant loving and forgiving hearts. Take a few moments to accomplish this however you need to process it—see everyone, feel everyone, know, sense, experience, and let it all be healed by the compassionate healing heart. Imagine the people coming to you if you need to be in their presence. Extend your love to all of them. Forgive and embrace their human fear, woundedness and misguided actions. Or allow the love of the Divine to flow through you and outward to all in the orbit. Do it however it happens for you. Take as long as you need.

Now that the space has been cleansed, the way has been cleared for forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love, gratitude and generosity to fill that same space. So in your giant magnificent heart, feel, sense, know and experience compassion for everyone—no matter their input or opinions, decisions or frustrations and extend that compassion to everything surrounding this circumstance both now and in the past—forgive all of it. Feel your gigantic loving heart and amplify that love a hundred times, a thousand times and focus its intensity until it is a huge laser-like beam of perfect unconditional love and acceptance. Now watch the heart lights converge and bathe the entire quantum field and fill all its space with this amplified perfect love. Now amplify compassion to the same intensity and fill the new field with perfect compassion. Fill the same space with kindness and generosity amplified also laser-like in its intensity. Now fill it up with the same amplitude of gratitude. Feel the loving wave of gratitude fill, surround and spread through the entire field of this event. Embrace all the people involved no matter their opinion. Hold those feelings in your magnificent and magnified heart and see everything shifting from the status quo into divine perfection. Open your heart and make way and hold space for everyone in this situation to open their hearts. Feel and magnify that collective open heart. Now see it all unfolding according to the divine blueprint of perfection.

Now breathe your highest intention into the space. Take a moment to see the best possible outcome for all concerned that presents the most evolution for the humans involved, that expresses their loftiest and brightest selves, is worthy of their souls and that unfolds according to the will of Divine Source.

When you are ready, end your meditation with this feeling of perfection in your heart and mind. Hold the intention for everyone in this scenario to connect with their highest wisdom and expresses their soul in perfection and light as it flows from there and out into their words and actions. Set your infinity timer so that this feeling continues to radiate those wishes and intentions throughout the entire playing out of this miracle that you have called into being. Know that this work has the potential to unfold as a profound lesson for the world.

Now take a moment to embrace yourself too—and the heart that creates these realities. Give great compassion, understanding and gratitude to that inner self with its brilliance, bright light and giant compassionate and loving heart.

Namaste` and blessings to you in this work and highest of missions.

[Reprinted with permission (c)2010 B. Kaufmann / Inner Michael]
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Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara,

like always, your post is important and heart-reaching. Thank you for always standing for Michael, thank you for helping us understand how to act in his name, how to uncover the best in ourselves and let it shine. There is never enough of the battle with myself to 'make that change'. There is never enough of help to understand and fully follow what Michael was teaching us.

With Love,

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Jasna!

Also want to say thank you to the people who take care of the site and their brilliant articles and stories they're putting on the site as well.



BeGodsGlow said...

Oh thank you, Tabea. So glad you like it. L♥VE to you as well, from all the MLP contributors :)

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