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... and now we shall never grow apart

Once We Had A Judgement
by Zenab (c) 2010

Once we had a judgement
More so wrong than right
We couldn't eat bread with our brothers without a fight
We tore at hearts with all our might
For no foolish reason save to convince that we were right
And slowly we pushed out of our lives our very light.

Adamant was our signature
We knew it better than we knew ourselves
For we cared for no other being
And we behaved like Gods without realising that someday our bodies will quit breathing.

We all looked at God in so many ways
We fought ourselves to the grave
To be the conquerors of his love we killed our neighbours
Never knowing that God doesn't preach that either
Insight failed us
We never look around to see that we truly are one family
We stood centuries, side by side, before we decided to grow apart.

Then, once again, they decided to reach to us,
The Lord and his universe too
And take us to the times when love was all we knew
We thought it strange
We tried to disobey by letting our minds take flight
But we were soon to learn that love was the strongest of all the fights.

Love began to take over
Day by day
A little girl gave a soldier a rose to make his heart not go astray
Hope began to take over
Hour by hour
And the prayers of the sick and the healthy alike became louder and louder
It was the beginning of the journey for our eternal souls
It was the beginning for the universe to take us back home.

Pens returned to paper to write songs of truth
And paintings drew themselves with the hand only there to move
We were returning there but had not yet arrived
Our hearts were in the middle of two worlds
Our minds were still not at home
Until we glanced at the moon for the first time since separation filled all we had.

Finally we have reached home
We are one with our Earth
We look at the crimes we used to commit,
The stealing, the murders, the pain, the tears and the cheating
And praise ourselves that we won against it
Day by day
Because we now know we are all people and that is all life has to say
We woke up before it was much too late
We let go off all the wars, poverty, lies and hate
In the very end, we have healed the world
For we let our mouths be quiet and listen to Love's sound
We finally landed our feet on the ground
We are one and now we shall never grow apart.


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