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Thank you for the Love (Monday Oct 25th)

THANK YOU, EVERYONE for such a beautiful experience. The October 25th prayer was very touching. We were ONE in LOVE, with each other, with the world, with all, radiating compassion and light, healing the world one energy wave at a time, until all consciousness on Earth awakens to the "ultimate truth at the heart of all creation": LOVE! ♥

See you all again soon :) Our next prayer is November 25th! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, RSS or Friend Connect/OpenID to get updates of new posts and the latest activities. Please keep spreading the word. We love you! Thank you, MJ-fam!

Please check out our latest post, too: http://www.majorloveprayer.org/2010/10/announcing-army-of-love-video-project.html This is an exciting new project that everyone can become involved in with a simple photograph. It's a music video about MJ's 'Army of Love'! :)

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Anonymous said...

I hope you felt the L.O.V.E from Africa!!!

Thanks for the love from afar .... I certainly felt it all in the name of Michael Joseph Jackson .... AMAZING!!

I hope our Sweet Angel sees and feels as we unite in respect to each other & to him ... just as he had always dreamed we would.


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