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Prayer is TODAY ♥ 2pm PST!

Updated: THANK YOU for such a lovely and powerful prayer, everyone! And Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates this holiday!

The December 25th worldwide prayer of HEALING and LOVE is today! Please read our important post about this month's prayer (Healing the World with Love) if you haven't already. And don't forget, you can discuss your experiences and thoughts about the prayer or other topics on our forum :)

Today's prayer is at the usual time, 2pm PST. There is a live countdown timer on this website (just beneath the main graphic toward the top of the page) and you can verify the time in your location on the time chart at timeanddate.com. Prayer instructions in 19 languages can be found here. We hope to meet you all very soon in spirit, to heal the world with love and create peace on Earth and inside each of our hearts. Love to all of you! ♥

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anaamamj58 said...

Thank you as always for this beautiful site.....I just find it sad at times to find so few people actually here.
Let's send a Major Love around the world and keep Michael's legacy of love and peace going for all time.....

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