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We're sending out a major love *Monday* Oct 25th

Hello LOVEley Ones! Monday, October 25th is our next Major Love Prayer to heal the world with L.O.V.E.! You can find instructions in 19 languages (see Guide to the Monthly Prayer) and be sure to check your time zone so you're in synch with all of us around the world (see Time Zone Chart). There is also a live countdown timer at the top of our page so you'll always know when we're about to begin. And you can stay updated with us on Facebook, via Twitter, RSS feed or with Google Friend Connect.

We've had a few basic questions on Facebook this week, so here's a quick overview for the new folks:

The prayer is open for everyone of all faiths and all belief systems. This is why we also refer to it as meditation or intention-sending. Being religious is not a prerequisite to prayer, so if you're not, don't let the word 'prayer' scare you ;). Most of the power comes from our ability to feel the emotion and inner knowing of unconditional love and compassion. That is what we are giving to the world. If you would like to say a prayer yourself as we begin, by all means do so, in whichever way you like. We will then focus on LOVE and feel the love as intensely as we can. It may help you to think for a moment of those you love (family, friends, Michael, spiritual figures, the children of the world who need our assistance) in order to get the feeling going within you. Once you can feel the LOVE, fill your heart and your body with it so that you're glowing with love. Reach out with this feeling to all the others across the planet who are doing the same. Just visualize streams of love energy, like gorgeous beams of light, going out into the world and connecting. We are holding hands with love energy, covering the Earth in a grid of compassion. Once you feel this, visualize this energy expanding until no part of our planet is untouched by this love. The oceans, the forests, all life is within our globe of love. Know that this love is healing the world, opening hearts to compassion and peace and uniting us as one. Stay in this feeling, hold the vision, for a few minutes if you can. The goal is 10 minutes, but some of you may be at work, making that a bit difficult. Just know that even a short prayer of a minute is better than nothing. Anything you can send from your heart will join the mass wave, the major love, and reverberate around the world. Can you feel it?!


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Jacinta said...

I have a question.....I am unable to discern if I feel love or if I feel something else, can I just visualize the Archangel Chamuel being sent to various people instead? I feel like a total failure in this prayer because I cannot feel.

BeGodsGlow said...

Hi Jacinta ...

:hugs: If you're having any uncertainties about it, of course you could ask an angel to send love on your behalf. We've been doing this prayer for over a year now and we've all noticed that sometimes we can REALLY feel it and sometimes we're feeling stressed in some way it's hard to focus or it's harder to get into it and feel the love. I suppose that's just like everything else in life. Asking angels to deliver love is a beautiful idea. You're not a failure at all, no, no! It's what's in your heart that counts. "Someone once said it's the soul that matters." :) Just do what you can and know that the energy is joining with us all. Does that help? I hope so. I really believe that's how it works :)


Jacinta said...

I found a guided visualization which I can use.... http://www.fragrantheart.com/cms/free-audio-meditations/love/loving-kindness

Thanks for answering.

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