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Thank you for a wonderful December 25th

Thank you ALL so much for participating in this month's prayer event! It's truly amazing and a beautiful testament to Michael Jackson's influence that so many people across the planet are coming together like this to make a change. And each time we pray/meditate together we get better at it through experience and there are more and more of us! (We had so many new folks join us this time! Hello to you all!) Please continue to spread the word!

If you missed the December prayer, please don't feel bad. You can add to the energy yourself with prayer or meditation at any time.

Now it may seem like a long time until January 25th, but it will be here before we know it. From now until our next prayer/meditation it's a great time to bring the focus of healing the world down to the practical level. Ask yourself what daily activities you can do to make a change in your life, your community, in the world. Michael said this year during rehearsals,"We have to bring LOVE back into the world." Now it's up to us to follow through, not just with energy, but also with action.

Lastly, we recognize that especially Christmas Day this year hasn't been easy for most MJ fans, but please remember that you are never alone. There are millions of us, in every country of the world and we are always here for each other. Someone else understands. Remember... we are Michael's 'Army of L.O.V.E.', yesterday, today, in 2010 and far beyond. As it's still Christmas in some parts of the world, here are two clips from Christmas messages from 2002 and 2008(?). We also wish Michael's family all the best this holiday season. You're in our hearts and prayers as well.

Thank you, Michael. We love you more. Always. And we won't give up the dream to heal the world.

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BeGodsGlow said...

I thought you all might want to know that there were people from at least 39 different countries (that I've counted so far) that were HERE on this website within 15 minutes of prayer time! That doesn't count all those who weren't online, who'd come here earlier or later, those that were participating via their own groups in MJ forums, etc. MJ fans -- WE ARE THE WORLD! :) It's so cool! I L.O.V.E. you guys!

Unknown said...

I am so happy about this ministry.All of us are blessed by the strong power of love and unity. What I really want is to see Michael redeemed in this world. I want him to be vindicated, and I want justice for what happened to him.These are perilous days, but we still must strive for a better world. If justice is denied Michael Jackson, what do you think will happen to the weaker ones? Again, I am very happy about this ministry. Blessings to you.

My Taste Heaven said...

thank you so much. i miss MJ lots. the pain is too much to handle for me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.I said a prayer for Michael, for the world, for we all last night.I'll pray every day.In my heart and in my soul forever, Michael...
Maria Grazia

Anonymous said...

Last month i took part in this prayer and the moon came out
And for the next three days the moon came out every night at the same place and at the same time.
Yesterday it happened again and i wonder if the same thing will occur
I could feel his presence somehow
I really miss him

Anonymous said...

It was 3.a.m. in Sri Lanka on the 26th and we prayed for MJ and how he taught us to love everyone, specially the poor and children. We also prayed to vindicate him and clear his name.May his soul rest in peace, Thank you God for giving him to us.

Samantha said...

Hey! I absolutely LOVE what you guys are doing! Unfortunately, I missed the prayer on Christmas (got too caught up in the excitement) but I look forward to participating on January 25th. Thank you for encouraging all of us AROUND THE WORLD to remember how Michael loved the world and how we can heal it and make it a better place. Thank you!

Deborah Ffrench said...

We don't need to fight, bully, cajole or make others believe what we know. We just need to feel, express his truth and speak ours - simply and from the heart. As we reach for the Zenith in ourselves - we reach for him, and through that - the best part of ourselves. As we love ourselves enough to be ourselves, we keep alive that which Michael inspired and inspires in us:


I wrap arms of protection around Katherine, the children and Michael's family. These seeming distances are not far at all for our bond is too strong for that. Our thoughts matter, our feelings matter, our intention matters. And what we do here, together for Michael, and for all of us - we who allowed ourselves to honour our hearts and feel all we have felt since.......

....really matters.

Because this time, instead of falling into the jump, we're rising, reaching - for the love we saved.

And we are millions.

Marisela said...

! It was bautiful pray for Peace an L.O.V.E in christmas with other Michael fans. Thanks for this!!

just another fan said...

The more days went by after Dec 25 the more I think about Mayor Love Prayer and what it does to me.
I keep thinking about how we are all at least monthly reminded that we should do something to heal the world.

In the long run I see that we can only benefit from that personally and not only that, others will too because of our love energy that we send and that wants to get expressed in our daily life.

Be good everyone. Stay gold. That's the only way to real happiness. Caring for others and feeling joy in that. Let's make each other smile.


rabbitbunny said...

Recently I was watching the news on TV and saw the unrest in Tehran and the bombing in Pakistan and the man who tried to blow up the plane in Detroit. All these crazy things going on in the world. But I suddenly was filled with the total realization that during the prayer on December 25th I saw that there were visitors here on this site from Iran, from Pakistan, from the US, from all over the world. People in each of these places was praying with us. For LOVE. To heal the world, to end the violence, to spread LOVE.

So those people, ones that may be living quite different lives from me in other parts of the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, N & S America, Australia... ) are also MJ fans. Think of that the next time you watch the news. Wherever they're showing, whomever is on that screen... they could be fans like you, praying with us for peace and LOVE. If only we can reach everyone...

humannature said...

In my country it's now exactly 12 min before New Year. THANK YOU ALL so much for your L.O.V.E, for your efforts, for your hope and your joy!
I wanna wish you all A HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR !
May it fullfill your deepest wishes, may it bring peace and joy and strength to the world and to all of us. Let us continue the work of L.O.V.E - I'M PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF MICHAEL'S "ARMY OF L.O.V.E" Love you all, Love You Michael - More and for ever !!

elissar said...

i had a great experience in the MJ world prayer i felt michael with me

elissar said...

i felt michael poking me on my chin and elbow i greatly felt his spirit with me

Unknown said...

I just saw this blog. Christmas was my 1st time participating & I feel blessed to have been able to take part. I've never felt such peace in my life.

BeGodsGlow said...

You can also share your prayer experiences in the new Major Love Prayer FORUM!


Everyone who visits can post their prayer experiences. (To share in other threads, please register.)


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