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Thank you all for the Jan 25th prayer!

MAJOR L♥VE to you all!

This month's prayer was incredible. We're pretty sure you could all feel the love, because we sure did! Hopefully it was just as peaceful and healing for the thousands of you who joined in this amazing global event. Don't forget that you can share your experience with others in the new Major Love Prayer Forum.

It is a wondrous thing how people from all nations, faiths and backgrounds are coming together to make a change like this. We're not all Michael Jackson fans, but we are all people who believe we can make a difference, as he so wanted to do. And the change can happen when we are determined and know in our hearts that we will succeed. We will, because we're bringing love back into the world. At the core of each of our beings is love. We must only remember this truth so it can shine from within, uniting us and creating a world without fear. When love isn't given prominence, compassion and empathy are lacking. These two qualities are necessary to stop the cycles of greed, hunger and violence that destroy lives and the life of our planet. No matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter how young or old, rich or poor, love is the deepest desire at the core of your being... both receiving it and giving. And what a world we will create when we all learn to give!

As Michael Jackson said in 'This Is It', we must "remind the world that love is important." And that is our quest: to heal the world with L.O.V.E. We hope to see you back here for the next Major Love Prayer on February 25th as we work together on making the dream a reality! Please keep spreading the word and mark the twenty-fifth on your calendars :)

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Sadly, this date also marked 7 months now without a sweet light we wanted beside us always. We miss you so much, Michael, but know you are still with us in spirit. And we thank you for your music, for the joy, for your work healing the world and its children, for your love, for your laughter, for your smiles, for your courage against all opposition, for the conviction to just be yourself, for sharing your life with us and inspiring us to become better people. We love you, Michael. From the bottom of our hearts. As you would so often say to us... more. Or most. And that's forever.

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Anonymous said...

I can feel it! Me and other fans of Michael from Poland, we were already linked in thought and we were praying together for a while! Thank you for that wonderful idea! We can feel it! :)

Anonymous said...

With the last sentence a tear fell from my right eye ...

Anonymous said...

I look forward to joining you on the 25th! Imagine the power of thousands and thousands of loving hearts joined together, focusing on loving, positive thoughts. Visualize healing of both body and mind. Listen to that strong inner voice, the vibration, the rhythm. Yes we can feel it. Yes! We can connect with one another, no matter how far.

Love is so powerful!

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