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New Dutch and Portuguese translations

Great news! Instructions for the monthly Major Love Prayer have now been translated by wonderful members of the Michael Jackson fan community to seven different languages! Previously we were able to add solid translations to German/Deutsch, French/Français, Spanish/Español, Danish/Dansk and Russian/Русский. This week there are two new languages: Dutch/Nederlands and Portuguese/Português! Thank you all sooooooo very much!!! Your work enables many more people throughout the world to not only find this site (by having something in their native language show up in search results), but also to understand at least the 'Guide to Monthly Prayer' in a clear fashion. Online translator websites like Google and Babelfish are helpful, but still not as good as real, live people :)

Note: If you would like to help us with a translation of the Guide to Monthly Prayer, we just ask for a couple of things. First, please have a good, fluent understanding of English and the language to be translated to, so potentially confusing mistakes are kept to a minimum. Second, please email or contact us via Twitter or Facebook first to be sure there's not already someone working on that language. We wouldn't want you to go through all the effort for nothing! A few in-demand languages right now are Japanese (日本語), Chinese (中文), Italian (Italiano)✔ (Italian added!), Romanian (Română) ✔ (Romanian added!), Polish (Polski) ✔ (Polish added!), Arabic (العربية ) ✔ (Arabic added!) , and Farsiفارسی✔ (Persian added!) , but all are welcome. We're all needed to heal the world with L.O.V.E.!

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Anonymous said...

We are the world!

Good work with the translations.

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