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Welcome to the Feb 25th Major Love Prayer

Hello everyone and welcome! We're about to send out a MAJOR LOVE to the world! Can you feel it already?!

We want to say thank you (a huge THANK YOU) to all of you who've told friends and spread the word online. This really is all for LOVE and the more it grows, the more impact we can have. Imagine if even half of all MJ fans joined in this every month. The energy would be off the scale. Then imagine if everyone who just owned Thriller joined in. ;) If prayer and directed intent really have an effect, as many studies have shown, just imagine what we could do! Or rather, visualize and feel what we could do, what we can do, what we are doing. It may appear subtle on the physical level at first, but we are producing an effect and it may have a huge impact on consciousness, deep down where all hearts and souls reside. Perhaps it is no coincidence that at this moment the song "Cry" just began playing on my MP3 player!

"You can change the world,
I can't do it by myself,
It's gonna take somebody's help....
If we all cry at the same time tonight."
Show the world! Cry with me! Change the world. Let us heal the world with L.O.V.E.! LOVE; we need it, our neighbors need it, our leaders need, and perhaps most of all, the Earth and the children of this world need it. So with this international, united prayer of LOVE we put in place one piece of the larger puzzle of changing the world for the better. And it began with our angel, Michael Jackson, sadly gone from this world for 8 months now. But he lives on in beautiful, shining spirit and we honor him with all our hearts as we connect the planet today and continue his mission of LOVE. Bless you, Michael. And bless each one of you. May we pray in all peace. May we heal the world.

P.S. A translation to Lithuanian/Lietuviškai has been added! Thanks Natalja & Rugile!

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Anonymous said...

Its realy beautifull to join. Its very special to feel the love all over the world. Together as One. I feel very blessed to meet you. I feel so connected to Michael's spirit. When I think of it I just feel so much love. We must be there for each other and continue with the love Michael showed us.

chantale from The Netherlands


I found this link from Youtube

It showes so much Love.

Andrew Kent said...
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Andrew Kent said...

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this Global Prayer. It works cos I feel uplifted and it's all cos of this site and Michael's spirit warming me from the inside out.

I Love You All!!

I Love You More, Michael!!!

It's All For Love...L.O.V.E !!!

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