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Updates for June 18, 2010

For June 25, ***2010***

Hello and major love to our MJ family ♥ Just a few updates today. First, we'd like you to know that we've teamed up with MJ World Cry, which happens just 30 minutes after Major Love Prayer in many cities worldwide. See the 'Tribute Events' post (on the main page) for more info. Also, we do continue to update the 'Tribute Events' list, the latest addition being the Hollywood Walk of Fame vigil for Michael on the night of June 24th, organized by fans. Many of you in the Los Angeles area who will attend that will also be at Forest Lawn on the afternoon of the 25th. On behalf of fans worldwide, we'd like to ask you to please remember Major Love Prayer at 2pm. It would mean so much for people across the world to know we are also connecting with our fan-mily at such a sad, yet sacred place in this moment. It would really mean so much. Thanks, you guys. (Update: A fan group will be arriving at 2pm at Forest Lawn and will be joining us in the prayer. Thanks & L.O.V.E.)

If anyone is in need of a simple one-page prayer guide for June 25th, personally or to lead a group, we have created downloadable PDF files for this purpose. There are three versions available, for time zones in: North America / Europe / other locations. To make it easier to print, PDF versions are also now available for all language translations of the standard prayer instructions (at the bottom of each translation - just look for the PDF symbol and link).

And now a BIG HUG and THANK YOU to all you lovely ones who voted for this site on the Faxo 'Best Forum, Msg Board or Blog' contest. Major Love Prayer won! The contest ended on June 17th, MLP having received 4003 votes (4+0+0+3 = 7, another nice sign.) Thank you all so much for valuing this page and its message. It's all about Michael's message of L.O.V.E. and keeping us together in unity. And we will all be needing each other so much in the coming week, as we have this whole time, so let's treat each other and those around us as Michael would want... with respect and love. Together we will make it through even this. We'll end this update now with a quote from Teddy Riley in the new issue of Vibe, talking about working with Michael in the past two years: "He was looking for a project to not just 'Heal the World'. He wanted to KILL THE WORLD'S HATE. That was his plan."
God bless you, Michael. It is now our plan, too ♥

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Anonymous said...

I will be attending the World Cry event in Lndnon on the 25th June but i will try to remember to find a quiet moment to send out my love prayer at 10pm too. With L.o.v.e. xx

one of Michael's million of fans said...

I cannot imagine spending this June 25th without a major love prayer.

Love this site. Thank you for all your work and dedication!

Monica said...

That's wonderful! Thank you:)

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