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MJ's Birthday?

Michael Jackson's birthday is the Sunday after our next prayer. What are you planning to do with L.O.V.E. for Michael on the 29th?

We've had many responses to this question on Facebook. Some people are baking cakes and having celebrations of his life with friends and family at home, while some are volunteering for Heal the World for Children's festivals, gathering at parties and monuments in places like Munich and Cologne, going to 2300 Jackson St in Gary, Indiana or even to Disneyland to watch Captain EO. Many are attending Spike Lee's special MJ Birthday Party in NYC. Feel free to share your plans in the comments below! :)

Update: As per Michael's nephew, Taj, please tweet #MessageToMichael and show some love on Twitter this Sunday! See #MessageToMJ for his Birthday for more info!

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Anonymous said...

To mark MJ's 52nd birthday, I bought a load of toys from my local The Entertainer shop (apt) and intend taking them to the Princess Diana Hospital in Birmingham (also apt as he was friends with, and admired her) I live in the UK. This really lifted my spirits and made me feel good.

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