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Giving the gift of LOVE January 25th

Tuesday, January 25th will be our first Major Love Prayer of 2011! If you're new to MLP, please check this month's time zone chart to verify the correct time in your location. This is a global event that happens at the exact same moment all around the world, so the time will vary depending on where you are. Simple instructions are also available in 19 languages, translated by the many wonderful people who send out a major love every month. (Thanks, Lovely Ones! :)

And please don't hesitate to invite your friends and spread the word. In fact, please do! The more this prayer grows, the more hearts will connect and the more love we will send together. To participate in MLP there is no experience required, no prerequisite of any particular belief system, no specific need to even be an MJ fan... just a desire to join with thousands of others across the planet to heal the world. We are from all continents, all nations, all races, all religions, of all opinions and beliefs and ways of living, joining together as ONE for a common goal: to give the GIFT OF LOVE to the world. We are a legacy of L.O.V.E., awakening hearts to compassion and higher consciousness, for our children, our planet and our future. Can't wait to meet up with you all again in spirit at 2pm L.A. time on the 25th, and every 25th! ♥

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Anonymous said...

We are ONE in LOVE. I'll be there, as always!

Elmira said...

Looking forward to the monthly MLP. To be able to take part in something so important with a high and pure goal of sending out and giving LOVE to the planet and mankind is humbling and a joyous celebration of all that Michael Jackson stood for. I can't wait until the 25th!

Anonymous said...

Take comfort Michael's mother, everyone. He was ours, the world had him, as the poem said; his beautiful smile, voice, dancing, humanitarian and philanthropic heart to change the world, and lives for ever; to cheer us, save us and give us strength. He did it all. Nothing can ever change that. He was IT, he is IT!

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