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In 10 days, We're taking over...

major love prayer badge banner smallWe have the truth... L.O.V.E.! ♥ :) Ten days from now, on February 25, we will again be sending out a major love in a simultaneous worldwide visualization. And you're all invited! Thousands of people across the planet, of all nationalities, religions, ages and races, of all beliefs and opinions have been joining in unity every month since autumn 2009 to affect a positive change in our world with the healing energy of love.

This prayer/meditation/intention continues to grow, mostly through word of mouth by our wonderful global family (that's you -- thank you!). If you'd like to help us get the word out, please feel free to use any of the badges or banners in this post on your website, forum or elsewhere. Just please link them back to this page http://www.majorloveprayer.org so that people can easily find information like time charts and prayer instructions.

banner forum major love prayerLet your friends know that it's not just for MJ fans, too. (Although, not being an MJ fan is a terrible error and we might have to force-convert them. Just kidding! ;) This is about healing the world with love, pure & simple, and that's open to absolutely everyone who shares that goal, whether you're into classic rock or have become a Belieber ;) You can pray with us in accord with your own religion or you can simply focus on love & follow the visualization suggestions. Whatever you're comfortable with. No one is excluded, for we are the world! We hope to join hearts with you all on the 25th to change the world! Thank you! ♥

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Lene said...

I still don't know how to "feel love"... but I will do my best on the 25th!

BeGodsGlow said...

Hi Lene, I replied to you on the forum. I'm glad you had a little better experience this time :) See you again next month :hug: ♥

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