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We Are One : One Heart Be

MJ smile earth heartOne Heart Be

One heart be
One heart be
In love
In pain
In hope we be

One heart to share
One heart to care
One heart to know
One heart to be.

One heart to be in laughter
One heart to be forever.
Just one heart be.

- poem ©2011 Irina Hale, Feb 23, 2011

Thank you so much, everyone, for joining with us to send out a major love! We hope you all felt the wave of love and the connection to each other and to everything. If you don't feel that you did, don't worry. That may come with time and practice. We pray like this every month, so there are many more MLPs to come. Just know that you are doing something special and wonderful! All of us, willingly joining with thousands of others across the planet, nation to nation, to do something good, increasing positive energy, showing unity and raising within our collective consciousness the radiant awareness of LOVE, "the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation". Let us move forward always, toward oneness and understanding, toward forgiveness and compassion. Next month begins a difficult period for us all, with the trial beginning. We'll need each other greatly. Can we all strive to act with the highest good, LOVE, foremost in our minds? There's nothing that can't be done if we raise our voice (and hearts) as ONE.

Please continue to send your love and prayers to the children of the world and all who are in need and also for peace, to stop the violence. Our next simultaneous visualization/prayer/meditation is March 25th. Be aware that the U.S. moves their clocks forward an hour for Spring two weeks earlier than many other countries, so please check the March time zone chart to verify the time in your location. In April the time will be back to normal, but March will be tricky every year. Again, thank you and major love to you all! Please help us to continue spreading the word :) ♥

You can share your February prayer experiences in our forum too :)

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Daniela said...

Today the energy was very strong, I felt united .
This was what Michael Jackson was living and breathing for.Now it is working.<3

BeGodsGlow said...

Thank you so much, Daniela, and everyone who participated! I see many people commented on Facebook, forums and on instruction translations here too. Much love to all of you around the world! ♥ ♥ ♥ See you March 25th!

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