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You and I were never separate...

"No matter what, the most powerful thing in the world is the human mind and prayer and belief in yourself and confidence and perseverance. No matter how many times you do it, you do it again until it is right and always believe in yourself, and no matter who's around you that's being negative or blasting negative energy at you - totally block it off, because whatever you believe, you become." - Michael Jackson

Much of the following text was originally written in December, but we're reposting an edited version, as many may have missed it: -- The ultimate goal of us joining together each month for Major Love Prayer is healing through love. The love we're sending together each month is meant to really do something. It's energy and it's real. Many of you have said that this monthly union has been very dear to you over the past year and half since it began, helping you in your own healing process from grief. It has done this for the rest of us as well. It is not just transforming each of us, though. When we connect as one to send LOVE we are amplifying this energy within us, through us, between us, in the world and beyond the world. We are HEALING on multiple levels, with love.

If you have read any books by the likes of Gregg Braden or Bruce Lipton, the many amazing studies by Dr Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona, or 'The Field' and 'The Intention Experiment' by Lynne McTaggart, you already know about some of the cutting edge scientific research into the wonders of human consciousness. There is a very real connection from one mind and heart to the next. So much is happening between us and the rest of the universe from one nanosecond to the next, and we are usually unaware of this in a normal waking state. Nonetheless, it is measurable. One tenet of mystical and Eastern spiritual teachings is that we are all ONE, yet perceive ourselves as separate in this physical dimension. ("You and I were never separate. It's just an illusion, wrought by the magical lens of perception.") Scientific experiments are beginning to really confirm this, or are at the very least michael jackson consciousness spirit letters messages to fanson the path of confirmation. Quantum physics is trying to unravel this type of mystery, as it shows up in discoveries like the observer effect or in quantum entanglement, the instantaneous connection between two particles at any distance, faster than light and with no as-yet-known method of information transfer. That's not fantasy, but quite demonstrable. How it works and how or if it applies to the macro-cosmic world of people and buildings and planets is not yet understood. In fact, there are so many things we don't yet understand about this physical existence. One thing we should we all know, though, is that some things are true whether we yet believe in them or not! Magnetism and gravity were around long before we 'discovered' them, so imagine what we'll know tomorrow. Or a thousand years from now. So many mysteries yet to be explained.

One of these mysterious forces appears to be prayer, meditation or focused intention, with or without a religious component. (And that's an important point for some of you who may be put off by the word "prayer". You really need not be. Many who participate are religious and find great strength in their faith, but please know this is open for everyone, no matter what your beliefs are. We're all petals of the same flower.) We'll hopefully get to more about prayer studies in future posts, but many well-executed ones have already shown there is an effect of focused intent. Often the effect appears to be small, though, such as with a recent group intention experiment that successfully remotely affected the pH of water. Results like this are only observations in the material world, however, via experiments designed to have a direct and immediate physical effect. If a few thousands minds that are focused on turning water into wine can create even a tiny change in water pH for the duration of the 10-minute focus period, that's really significant. Physical matter doesn't generally change before our eyes in an instant, or we'd be living in Harry Potter world and outdoing Hollywood with our magic wands.

What if we do have magic wands in the realm of consciousness, though? How many times have you heard that your thoughts affect your reality? What exactly can we affect with our thoughts? And perhaps more powerfully, with our focused emotion? If thousands of minds can connect to the bliss and peace of LOVE, grow it and expand it through the plane of consciousness and emotion and out to the rest of the world, how would we even measure this? What study could prove it? All disease and war may not miraculously disappear by morning (although let's not dismisss that from the realm of possibility ;), but could that love change these things over time, by infusing the actions we and others take with just a little bit more kindness? Could this love be healing us all from the inside out, on another level first, trickling down into our 3rd dimensional reality as the outer world rearranges itself to reflect the inner? As above, so below? Mind over matter? Heal the mind, heal the heart, heal the world?

To some that may sound like magical thinking, but yesterday's magic is tomorrow's fact. (And when you're inspired by Michael Jackson ... well, MAGIC is certainly an appropriate word ;) This short post isn't going to prove anything, of course, but maybe it can get us to ponder some important questions, to think outside the box. For instance, what is this consciousness of mind and emotion that is us? And when we join ours together, what can we accomplish? Are many more powerful than one? Are many more powerful as one? What can we do if thousands make a concerted effort to heal the world with intention, with emotion, with mind, with spirit? And what if those ever-growing thousands gain more and more experience by sending love every month as a single connected ONE, with love? Love is the 'weapon' of the 21st century. Love crosses all boundaries, of race, religion, nationality... even space and time. Love has no borders. We're the pioneers here, you and I. We're part of a growing movement of expanding awareness, a growing spiritual wave of love, of people all around the world joining together in recognition of oneness, with the desire to make a change. Love is our uniting force. This change is coming from within, in that place in our hearts that we know is love, because now is the time. This is it. ♥ ♥ ♥

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one of Michael's million of fans said...

Great reminder that we are actually doing something when we come together each month.
My heart tells me that someone somewhere *is* profiting from that. I just know that. I have that feeling. And it did not bother me to not know who it will be.

Sometimes I directed my love specifically to people who are sad/ill/hopeless/fearful, wishing them that somehow they will feel a sudden spark of hope and joy again. And I think someone actually felt this. Because we prayed together.

Also, being a part of all of you who are participating in the Major Love Prayer is giving me a soothening satisfaction, thinking about how spread we are all over the world and how one man, Michael, is the one who unites and inspires all of us.

I'm sure Michael is with us each month. That's another feeling I have.

Wishing you love. Let us continue and spread the message of love and spreading it more and more. We might do fewer than we wish but we have at least started to do what we can.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful questions you pose, Deb! And the examples of the concepts you list are definitely food for further study. My dear, I believe in MAGIC ... and not just once a month ... but all month, every day, every hour, every minute, every second of every millenium! Looks to me like WE ARE ONE in this, my friend!

Be blessed, always and in all ways.

Cynthia Kent said...

This bond that we all share..that we as Michaels fans feel will Never Be Broken!!...I once read a post that one of Michaels fans wrote that I will Never forget...She said "You could see & feel the L.O.V.E. & Kindness in the eyes of Every person in that room at Michaels concerts". That Always stuck with me! Michael even said that when on stage that people even cryed at the same time as if on cue,united as one. WOW!!! Thats pretty powerfull stuff! Our precious angel Michael tought us So Much.. to "Go out into the world..connect as one..In Joy..In Pain..In L.O.V.E...In Service..In Conciousness"-nothing is stronger my friends...Nothing! Just think of the power we would have if each one of us went out into the world..(outside the box)& helped one another..Loved one another..& showed compassion for our fellow man. Michael even said he could not do this alone. He needed our help!!It is Our Duty to honor his wishes! Together we can make him proud!

BeGodsGlow said...

Thanks for your comments on this :) And yeah, there is so much futher study actually going on right now. There is such a thing as "new age fluff", of course, and authors and filmmakers who go overboard in their assumptions that quantum mechanics automatically apply at the macrocosmic level (which hasn't been proven). That's a big chunk of the fuel skeptics and 'pseudoskeptics' use in their claims that ALL such talk is bunk, or that it can't be true because someone's not willing to take someone's "challenge" at proving phenomena that are as yet unpredictable in behavior. However, many very legit labs have been, are and will be researching consciousness and quantum mechanics in ways that sounded like science fiction or fantasy just some years ago. Everything from the "Princeton Eggs" to Dr Gary Schwartz' experiments at the University of Arizona, and so much more. The one thing about science is that it's always changing and discovering something new. These folks may very well be on the verge of new explorations that will shoot us all into a completely different paradigm. It's happened before. MANY times. I applaud their efforts. I've had enough subjective experiences in life to really believe there's a LOT more going on than just the materialist model that we've come to accept in the past 150 years. Just the study of NDEs and shared death experiences (deathbed visions, etc) alone are striking enough to not be easily dismissed by anyone who seriously looks at the evidence with an open mind, imho.

It may be a comedy, but I just have to borrow a line from Men In Black, lol: "Fifteen hundred years ago everybody KNEW the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody KNEW the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll KNOW tomorrow."

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