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Please check March 25th Time Chart - MLP in 7 days

Hi everyone ♥ Just a quick reminder that our next and very-needed Major Love Prayer is this coming Friday, March 25th, 2011 at 2pm Los Angeles time. We will unite simultaneously, all around the planet, to send the healing energies of love and peace to all the world.

Before Friday, please double-check your location's prayer time on the March Time Zone Chart! If you're outside the US (or in Arizona or Hawaii- states that don't change their clocks for DST), your prayer time may be different this month. It's vital we are all in synch, so please check to be sure :)

It may be back to "normal" again next month for you, but please verify this on April's Time Zone Chart as well, just so you know ahead of time. It's just because of seasonal time changes with spring and autumn. Not all countries change their clocks forward/back the same week, so every year in March this will happen. Thank you, everyone. Your love and prayers are so very much in need for so many in this world. We hope to 'see' you all on the 25th. ♥

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