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Flowers for Michael from around the world

The 'One Rose for Michael' team unpacked 38 boxes containing 4,500 roses (!) for Michael on Friday at Holly Terrace. The roses will line the walkway and patio as you may remember from last year. These roses are from all of us, all over the world, with all the love from the bottom of our hearts for our dear angel, Michael. We love you so much. All the flowers in the world couldn't begin to express our love and gratitude. Thank you, Michael. We really miss you :(

Thanks so much, Sophie and Robyn and all the folks who helped One Rose for Michael. (This is Robyn's picture - please see the FB group for more - hope you don't mind us posting it here.)

Later today, Sandy and the Sunflowers for Michael group will be delivering thousands more flowers and cards and letters from people around the world as well. There will no doubt be many beautiful photos on Facebook of the deliveries later. Thank you!

And bless all the rest of you who will be traveling there today and the millions around the world whose hearts will be, like ours, at Forest Lawn, but more profoundly... with Michael, thanking him and showering him with our love, respect and prayers. (Please remember our special Major Love Prayer today at 2pm PT. Thank you.)

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