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Beautiful music for your August 25th prayer...

Note: Some pre-scheduled Twitter tweets were delayed in the queue without our control and may go out via the service at inappropriate times, even hours after the August prayer. We did send manual reminders earlier for those who were logged in and the August 25th prayer took place as usual at 2pm L.A. time. We apologize for any confusion. THANK YOU & MUCH LOVE to everyone! See you Sept 25th.

This month's Major Love Prayer is TODAY! At 2pm Pacific Time on Thursday, August 25th (see global time chart) we will harmonize all around the world, as ONE, sending out a major love. And as we turn our focus to LOVE, the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation, here are two beautiful videos to accompany your visualization if you'd like, made with love by fellow MLP participant, Elmira (thank you!). Please know, all of you, that your support and commitment to keeping this prayer going month after month is greatly and lovingly appreciated. We thank each and every one of you for believing in Major Love Prayer and for recognizing in our beloved Michael the genius, love and innocence that is our inspiration. He always brought us together with love and he continues to do so. Did you know that this month is the 24th time we've gathered together in spirit for MLP?! Amazing! May this continue for all time, with love, for love, together. Thank you all, thank you, dear Michael. You are loved and missed. ♥

Note: the video above may be blocked in some countries. Sorry :(

We'll see you all again in September, as we join with the Call for Love initiative for special prayers and visualizations as the trial begins in Los Angeles. And of course for a special MLP September 25th. Thank you and much love always! ~ the MLP team

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tinkerbell said...

28 months without our angel, Michael Jackson.
Time is not easing the pain.
I hope that you and Frank are together again now. I know he loved you.
RIP Michael & Frank.

tinkerbell said...

I know I have to go on without Michael. But how can I?
I just don`t know...
Michael, you are always in my heart. Always.

BeGodsGlow said...

Tinkerbell, we are all with you, finding a way to go on. :hug: I've found that in the darkest moments, the beautiful love who kept me going deep within all these years is the very one who helps give me that reason to keep on going, even now: Michael. Whenever it feels like too much, I remember Michael and know that I can and I must. We are his legacy and his love lives on through us. As long as we hold that love in our hearts and souls, we can make it through anything together. With love and with Michael, for always and ever. Love you, MJ-family ♥

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