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Mobile 'MajorLovePrayer' is here

We're pleased to announce that a mobile version of our website is now accessible and should load automatically on most smartphones. It can be accessed on other mobile devices at http://www.majorloveprayer.org/?m=1. The mobile version gives you an easy to read summary of the latest posts and articles, with the option to read the full story, view thumbnail images and comments. At the bottom of the mobile page is a link to view the web version in case you need it to access other links or information. We hope this makes our site easier to use on the go. Thanks everyone, for all the lovea and support :) Our next global prayer is August 25th! ♥

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Anonymous said...

Nice!!! So when does the App come out? ;)

Anonymous said...

^ Hehe, we're just waiting for you to develop it. Doh! ;)

BeGodsGlow said...

Ironically, there is an app. Well, sort of. Found this http://timeanddate.com/iphone/countdown.html on the site that we link to for time zone charts! timeanddate.com’s Countdown Timer Pro for iPhone and iPad ;) Don't have any 'i' devices to try it out, but there you go... there is a countdown app out there.

Anonymous said...

hehehe nice!! :D

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