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Reminder: MLP is next Tuesday (Oct 25, 2011)

major love prayer Michael Jackson 25th month
michael jackson justice prayer murray trial courthouse
Dear MJ family, ♥ NEXT TUESDAY IS OCTOBER 25th ♥ and time again to send out a MAJOR LOVE! Since the trial will not yet be over, we will again be doing a special visualization of LIGHT and TRUTH that begins at the courthouse (as visualized in our minds), UNITED FOR MICHAEL. ♥ We will then send our LOVE out to heal the world and all its children. Please mark your calendar or set a reminder for 2pm Pacific Time next Tuesday. Thank you so much, everyone! ♥ LOVE ♥

Worldwide Time Zone Chart:

2pm Pacific
3pm Mountain
4pm Central
5pm Eastern
18:00 Buenos Aires, etc
19:00 Rio de Janeiro
20:00 Reykjavik
10pm/22:00 in the UK & Portugal
23:00 CET (Berlin, Paris, Rome, etc)
... Oct 26th...
0:00 Bucharest, Athens, etc
01:00 Moscow, etc
02:30 Mumbai, etc
04:00 Bangkok, etc
05:00 Hong Kong, etc
06:00 Tokyo, Seoul, etc
07:00 Brisbane, etc
08:00 Sydney, etc

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