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Reminder: Nov 25 MLP is this Friday!

michael jackson earth heal world love prayerEveryone, please re-verify the time for your location before this Friday's prayer/meditation. The U.S. moved back to standard time this month, and this may have altered your prayer time in places like Russia, Asia, Australia, etc. We just want to make sure we're sending out a major love in synch, all around the world as one; one MAJOR wave of L-O-V-E :) Thank you, much love and 'see' you on Friday! ♥ ♥ ♥

Visualization for sending out a major love:

Worldwide Time Zone Chart Nov 25, 2011:

Nov 25th:
2pm US Pacific
3pm US Mountain
4pm US Central
5pm US Eastern
19:00 Buenos Aires, etc
20:00 Rio de Janeiro
22:00 Reykjavik
22:00 GMT, UK & Portugal
23:00 CET (Berlin, Paris, Rome, etc)
... Nov 26th...
0:00 Bucharest, Cape Town, Athens, etc
01:00 Minsk, Riyadh, etc
02:00 Moscow, etc
03:30 Mumbai, etc
05:00 Bangkok, etc
06:00 Hong Kong, etc
07:00 Tokyo, Seoul, etc
08:00 Brisbane, etc
09:00 Sydney, etc
11:00 New Zealand

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