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While we wait...

Dear MJ-family, it's hard to believe, but we're finally in the position of waiting for the jury to return a verdict. While we wait, let us keep our prayers based in LOVE, as we join together in a vision of LIGHT, asking that jury members be gently guided by Michael & divine forces toward justice that serves the higher good. "Thy will be done." In this faith we send our love to the courthouse, while Michael's family is held in the embrace of angels' wings. We know that whatever happens, LOVE is forever. ♥ ♥ ♥

We also know that the best justice this world has the power to give is for ♥ MICHAEL'S LEGACY OF LOVE ♥ to shine brilliantly into the future, lighting a pathway to healing and inspiring generations to come. The deepest justice is for us to create a world that recognizes and celebrates his genius and reflects his joy, his compassion and his beautiful dreams of unity, where we take our neighbor's hand and work together to create a planet where all children are loved, protected, cared for and encouraged to follow their dreams. The most glorious justice we can give him is to remember "it's all for love" ... not as words, but as the TRUTH; the place in our hearts where we we know that we are love. Justice is when you donate or volunteer, when you pray, when you work to educate people about the truth so that Michael is seen for who is really is. It is his name uncovered on Gardner St School and shining on future children's hospitals that we will make! It is when we act just a bit kinder, when we remember to play and laugh, when feel joy as his voice caresses our souls and when we witness the seeds of his inspiration sprouting on every continent, all around the world ... and it is the seeds that WE are planting right now in his honor. So let this be some small comfort for you as we move through this. No matter WHAT happens to Conrad Murray, it will not bring Michael back. That searing reality is something we know all too well. But WE have the power to do Michael a greater justice well past the timeframe of ANY jail sentence Murray could EVER have received, no matter what the charges had been. WE have the power create real change, to carry Michael's LOVE forward in our hearts, words and actions, for the world, for generations to come, all inspired by one beautiful man. So let us plant our seeds wisely. And with L.O.V.E.

Thank you. Wishing you much love & strength! We are one. Always. ♥ And we love you so very much, Michael. ♥

Please join us every 25th for a simultaneous worldwide prayer.
We're sending out a major love, to heal the world in Michael's honor ♥

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MJEverAfter said...

This is the TRUTH, Michael's legacy which can never be denied. Thank you so much for being here for him, and for us.

Kerry Hennigan said...

This expresses exactly what I feel. I am concerned for many fans who have devoted so much of their energies to this trial and to achieving a particular outcome. Something seems terribly wrong to me in achieving satisfaction out of another's misfortune. Some many people did that to Michael in the past when they took advantage of his generosity and loving nature. Let us focus instead of revealing the true Michael Jackson to the world... on maintaining his magnificent artistic and humanitarian legacy, and - hardest of all, I think - being a credit to him in our words and actions. Being a Michael Jackson fan is truly a blessing. There are plenty of negative people out there who would make it a trial for us to endure all their slings and arrows. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could turn to them and simply say, "God bless you" and then go on our way.

Tania said...

This is a beautiful entry BGG - and exactly the right one to be said at this time and for the future. The focus does need to be on Michael's legacy and we are a very real part of that. The world needs to know the truth about everything that Michael Jackson stood for. Seeds of Love. That's what needs to be planted and nurtured not only for the present, but for future generations.
Love and peace to you and all who participate in these love prayers.
God Bless.

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