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Reminder: SUNDAY, Dec 25th is Major Love Prayer!

♥ ♥ ♥ Please join us across the world on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 25th as we join hearts and spirits to send out a MAJOR LOVE! This a global mass prayer at exactly 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 22:00 GMT (see time chart http://bit.ly/vjDbd0). Thousands of us will connect across the planet, wherever we are, encircling the globe with the powerful energy of LOVE, awakening hearts and asking for PEACE ON EARTH on this day and always. As on every 25th of the month, ALL are welcome to join us - all faiths, all beliefs, MJ fans or not. We are all ONE, and together we are moving into a better world for our children, one step and one prayer at a time. Thank you all, and much love! 'See' you on Sunday! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Lovely ones, please share this message (or this one on Facebook) wherever you can & set a reminder alarm so we're all in synch on the 25th :) It's Christmas for many of you, and your families are more than welcome to join us! ♥

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bunniesloveMJ said...

I'll be there ... :-)

CassieforMaxwell said...

In 2001 Michael Jackson said of Invincible, people will not understand it, it’s ahead of its time; but 10 years fron now, they will and it will live on forever. I wish Micheal were here to witness his phosey come true. Invincible has gained a new following and it is considered one of his best albums ever. He worked so hard to perfect it.

On this Christmas day, 2011, I am humbled by the lives of two lambs of God. Jesus being the omnipotent and to whom no other can compare. Michael Jackson being the light of the world of which no other light has ever shone brighter. Both being lambs of God, sent to us in human form to abide with us, and experience our suffering, that we might better understand their love for us. Jesus and Michael Jackson both live inside of us at the level of the heart because of the love and the values they instilled during their short visits on this earth. What they left behind was love and compassion and a human foundation on which to build. Our lives were forever changed for them having been made integral parts thereof. They were tangible, viable, positive lights that will forever shine.

May God grant us the ability to accept that sometimes things just are and there is no explanation necessary. Jesus came to us, he abode with us therefore he knows that sometimes it takes an angel in human form to break bread with us to allow us to open our hearts and believe in them. He knows because he did it himself.

Two and a half years seems an eternity without Michael, but in retrospect, 200 years from now when history has been re-written and re-told, the name Michael Jackson will still be cause for people to listen to words spoken and sang by the Maestro, learn about his compassion for the world and especially the children, and hold him in the highest of esteem. He will be remembered and revered for his perfect love in an imperfect world for the whole of eternity. Michael is an energy of 100% love, and love never dies .

MajorLove is a befitting title for the celebration and the rememberance of the Lambs of God.

The reason for the season is love. Just l.o.v.e.

BGG said...

Beautiful, Cassie. "Tangible, viable, positive lights that will forever shine." Amen.

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