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One Commandment - LOVE!

Reminder: January's MLP is Wednesday, January 25th at 2pm PT - 5pm ET - 22:00 GMT - 23:00 CET (time chart)!

♥ ♥ ♥ There is really only one commandment, the one from which all others spring, and this is it: "LOVE". It is Commandment #0, the alpha & omega, of the ten expressions you know and the heart of all spiritual truths across all the religions. How should you live? It is simple: LOVE! Love your neighbors, your parents, your siblings and friends, your children and your neighbor's children, your nation, all nations, your enemies and detractors, the oceans, the forests and fields, the flowers, the animals, the insects, the Earth, the galaxy, the universe, each other, yourself, God. Let LOVE be your motivation, your movement, your gift. When you have mastered this you will be Home. When you are Home you will see that you have never left. For you have always been LOVE. ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Please join us this and every month on the 25th at 2pm PST (22:00 GMT) to unite as one, sending out a MAJOR LOVE, lighting up the planet with the powerful energy of love, healing the world from the inside out, with joyful intention and peaceful hearts in unity. For more info and time charts, please see http://www.MajorLovePrayer.org. Thank you! ♥

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bunnylove said...

Let us be nice to other people.
Each moment we have the choice to do so.

Kerry Hennigan said...

This is the simple, basic truth that answers all our questions about how to get along with everyone else on the planet, and not destroy it in the process. Love is the key. Love is the answer. Love is the only way it works. Thank you for this lovely reminder.

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