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Thank you so much, Lovely Ones!

Thank you for yet another beautiful prayer of love for our world and her children! Each time we join together for this we're putting more love into 'the field', the living energy system that we are all a part of, that holds us in the warmth of our life-giving world. Love reaches out, it disarms, it gives, it heals. Each heart that is touched by love has a chance to awaken, and each time it is touched by love it opens more, like a rose opens in the sunlight to reveal its inner beauty. When we're operating from our hearts, we naturally react with more understanding and compassion, which in turn spreads love and peace to all. This world so desperately needs LOVE and PEACE! So never feel discouraged. Each thought, each emotion, each action affects the subtle ocean of consciousness that is life. You may not see the ripples, but your love IS creating waves!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ' '

Please join us once again this coming April 25th for another global wave of MAJOR LOVE! We have some exciting NEW things in the works too, so please stay tuned! To keep updated, please 'like' our page on Facebook, where all updates are posted, and/or you can follow via Friend Connect (see right sidebar) or with an RSS feed reader. You can even receive new posts via email :) Whatever you do, please never forget that ♥ LOVE IS THE ANSWER ♥ Thank you so very much and major love to each of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

michael jackson love the children gardner street The charity Children's HeartLink is still in need of your help! Congenital heart disease is the world's most common major birth defect, affecting one in every 120 children. Ninety percent of those newborns are in areas of the world where appropriate medical care is inadequate or unavailable. Children's HeartLink provides medical equipment and training, medications and operations for kids in need around the world. Please donate to our group fundraiser if you can! (Note: no money ever comes to us. It goes to the charity via the fundraiser page.)


Hasenliebe said...

<3 always

Kerry Hennigan said...

Happy to still be a part of this global effort inspired by the man we all love and his highest ideals.

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