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Reminder: Today's the 25th! Join us to send out a major love!

At 2pm US Pacific Time (global time chart) we are joining in the same moment all around the world to "send out a major love"! 

As on every 25th, our goal is to HEAL THE WORLD WITH LOVE. Please be sure you're familiar with the Major Love Prayer visualization below (also available in 19 languages) so that we are holding ONE UNIFIED VISION AND INTENTION :)

You may wish to start out a minute or two before prayer time to say your own prayers or meditate and get into the right state of mind. It's a very good idea to start out that way. Then, at prayer time, visualize each of connecting our hearts together across the world, one person to the next, all across the planet so that our connection of love energy forms a grid around the globe. Hold this connection and feel the LOVE as strongly as you can. If you're having any trouble with this, just think of someone you love deeply, whether family, friends, Michael and other loved ones, those still here who need our help, the spirit of Earth itself, religious or spiritual beings you feel strongly for ... just get the deepest and strongest feeling of LOVE and COMPASSION you can find within your heart. Try to feel the JOY of this connection, for you are participating in something truly wonderful! This prayer has brought together people of every nation, every race, creed and religion, all of us together in peace and love because of love (our love for Michael and our shared wish to HEAL THE WORLD is what has brought us together)! We are ONE IN LOVE!

Then see this love expanding... expanding... picture the love as beautiful light energy that is spreading between us, covering continents, oceans, forests, mountains, the air we breathe. LOVE permeates all of creation. Love is the truth. ALL IS LOVE. WE ARE LOVE. See the Earth in your mind, glowing in LOVE ENERGY! Not one place is left untouched. Not one heart is left untouched. See areas of conflict like Syria and areas of great need ... FEEL and KNOW that PEACE and LOVE fills the world and that this energy will spur people to action, to care for each other and the planet. KNOW it. THE WORLD IS FILLED WITH LOVE. ALL ARE HEALED. WE ARE ONE.

Stay in this feeling for a few minutes if you can, knowing that our energy has an effect on the field of consciousness, the interconnected web of life that we are all a part of. Our thoughts, especially when coupled with emotion and a positive attitude can help change this world from the deepest level, one heart at a time. Thank everyone else who has joined you in this prayer. Thank you! By doing this every month we continue this energy in a long connected chain of MAJOR LOVE ...and we can make it last forever. Believe! :) THANK YOU, AND MUCH LOVE TO YOU! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Francine said...

So nice to share this moment with all of you. And I know we are pretty much! Thank you Michael for being our spiritual guide, it's such an extraordinary feeling...

BeGodsGlow said...

Hi Francine!

So nice to have you here! :)

Much love,
(one of the MLP admins ;)

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