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Prayer at 2pm PT! We begin with silencing guns (please read!)

Hello again, Lovely Ones! ♥

Welcome to the May 25, 2012 global event! We will begin Major Love Prayer today with the Come Together Over Michael Jackson Intention Campaign goal of SILENCING EVERY GUN ON JUNE 25th!

Please start by visualizing and knowing this will be so ♥ Then connect with each of us out here across the world and grow the LOVE energy between us, within us, all around the world until ALL hearts are touched, all guns are lowered, until every leaf of every tree, every petal of every flower, every drop of water has been filled with LOVE... every child knows they are LOVED ... FEEL IT, KNOW IT IS SO! Hold this feeling and knowing as long as you can before letting it go ♥

Thank you, and much LOVE to you!

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Anonymous said...

I pray for the guns not to stop for one minute in Syria, but permanently. That is what I hope for, so those ten thousand of people have not died in vain, those who have sinned, be brought to justice, and that the Syrian people get the peace, freedom and democracy they deserve.

neppah5 said...

Prayer can change things!

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