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Reminder: MONDAY is the day! Pls verify your time~ It may be different this month!

♥ Dear MJ-fam, This Monday is the 25th and it's time to once again SEND OUT A MAJOR LOVE! :) Please be sure to check the TIME CHART if you're outside the United States! ~March's prayer/meditation time may be earlier or later than usual due to seasonal clock changes. Very important! For instance, in Western Europe (CET), MLP is usually at 23:00, but this month (March only) it will be at *22:00 CET/ 21:00 GMT!*

At prayer time we'll be starting with LOVE at our heart center, feeling it, loving, breathing with love, then reaching out to each other with that love energy and connecting together in a grid across the world, across all continents, oceans, forests, deserts, everywhere. Once connected we will BE the love together as ONE. Visualize and feel the love energy glowing and expanding, touching every heart on the planet... every single atom, every molecule, every heart beating on Earth... all touched by and held within LOVE! Hold this feeling as long as you can. Know it is the truth. Then THANK everyone for joining us and being ONE IN LOVE ♥

Bless you all, and 'see' you tomorrow! Please help spread the word by reminding forums and groups if you can. Thank you so much, lovely ones! ♥ ~ The MLP Team

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Kerry Hennigan said...

Tonight I was reading some tweets from other MJ fans and came across a thread heavily criticizing another fan's view of MJ and their website. It doesn't really matter who was doing the criticizing, who they were criticizing, and whether or not it was justified... it was just sickening to think that, even between the global community of MJ fans, and those who talk about 'the truth' and 'vindication' there is such anger. On a completely different (unrelated) thread, fans were commenting how MJ himself said in TV interviews that great artists don't need to rubbish each other. I would have liked to remind the people in the first thread of that comment, but I didn't want to add to the argument or negativity. I guess that means that some of us still have a lot of growing to do! (Myself included - coz some times I get angry too, but I hope I can void tweeting, posting or otherwise venting it!) This is all by way of saying thank goodness for Major Love Prayer - reminding me of what we, as MJ fans, should REALLY be all about. "There's nothing that can't be done, if we raise our voice as one" (MJ - "We've Had Enough"). Thanks for reading. God bless. xxx Kerry

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