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Our Major Love and Gratitude

 ♥ Next Major Love Prayer is MAY 25th ~ Also join us for Come Together ♥ 
♥♥♥ THANK YOU, beautiful #mjfam around the world, for keeping your hearts open and always making this such a powerful and loving experience. Together we can change the world! Sending you each our MAJOR LOVE and so much GRATITUDE for making this global prayer a possibility! Without you it's just a FB page or a website or a dream, but when we all join as ONE we turn dreams into reality! ♥♥♥ ~ Love, the MLP team 

Thank you, Michael. Your LOVE is our inspiration and our awakening. May your dreams and your beautiful heart continue in this world and the next, forever. We will always be yours. ♥

P.S. Lovely Ones, as you probably know, the AEG trial is set to begin in Los Angeles on Monday. The trial is expected to last for three to four months. We will be joining the FB group Call for Love once again as during 2011's trial, as part of the Come Together Over Michael Jackson intention campaign to call our conscious focus to LOVE. Together we can keep the LIGHT of TRUTH glowing while being there for each other in this stressful and painful time. More will be posted about this soon. For now, stay strong and remember to make LOVE your weapon ♥♥♥

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Kerry Hennigan said...

I have gladly requested to join the 'Call for Love' FB group.

Kerry Hennigan said...

It's difficult to remain unemotional about the trial, with some much comment, much of it ill-informed, happening on social media, and especially with much of the media publishing sensationalised excerpts... often taken out of context. I pray for an outcome that is for the highest good of all concerned, and Michael's children and his legacy most of all.

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