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Michael Jackson - "Profoundly Astonishing", "Transcendent" (Howard Bloom & Dr Wayne Dyer share insights)

Many of you have already read Howard Bloom's amazing memories of Michael Jackson in an interview he did with TheHappiestMedium a couple of years ago, but few have heard a late night radio interview he did in 2009, just two days after Michael's passing. The video below contains these important words, plus more - from two leading thinkers - both of whom personally knew Michael Jackson. You will hear Howard Bloom (author, scientific thinker and former publicist) and Dr. Wayne Dyer (author and motivational speaker) share their insights, describing Michael's genius and transcendent heart in a way that is sure to touch your soul. Please watch, feel it and spread it far and wide - not just to fans, but so that everyone is touched by the truth! Thank you to both Bloom and Dyer for expressing in such few words (only two minutes here!) nearly all needs to be said.

http://youtu.be/IKkNJpI7OWk - no copyright infringement intended - only excerpts used - transcripts below

"Michael Jackson was - and it's going to be hard for me to say this in few seconds, and it would take me hours to tell you the stories to back it up - he is the most profoundly astonishing person I've ever met in my life. He was capable of looking at a fingertip, he was capable of looking at the tiniest of things, he was capable of looking at a fly, and he was capable of seeing the infinite in that. And he wanted to... he was profoundly good, because his generosity to his fellow human beings and his sense of obligation on their part was almost boundless. He felt he had been given an astonishing gift by God, and that was that ability to see absolutely stunning things in almost anything he looked at. And he felt it was his obligation to give that experience to you, to me, to everybody he possibly could on this planet. And he put his entire life on the line to fulfill that obligation. He was - again, generalizations don't capture it - he was beyond anything I'd ever imagined in my life. And remember, I'd worked with Bette Midler and Bob Marley and AC/DC, Aerosmith and KISS and Queen, but on the more positive side, Billy Joel and Paul Simon and all kinds of amazing people. And if you'd stacked five of those people end to end you wouldn't have gotten one Michael Jackson." 
~ Howard Bloom (Coast to Coast AM / June 27, 2009)

"I know for absolute certain that this is a man who could never have done anything that would be harmful to anyone. He was very much a child himself. He was as kind and decent and spiritual a human being as I ever had the pleasure of spending any time with. I dedicated one of my books to him. When you look at his enormous talent and the commitment that he had to ending the world hunger, for example – he personally was responsible for cutting the number of people starving to death on this planet IN HALF back in the 1980s and the 1990s with “We are the World”. And he took no money for it at all. ... This was a beautiful, beautiful human being – someone who would go down in history as one of the greatest entertainers EVER, but more than the great entertainer this was a great man... In my time with him in those five days with him back in 1991 solidified for me that this was a transcendent being who had not only enormous talent but a heart as big as the sky." 
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer (radio interview July 2009)

The highly recommended (!) full 5-minute interview with Dr Dyer can be found on youtube at either link below:

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Kerry Hennigan said...

Some musings on a damp autumn morning...

This morning I had to go to the hospital for a bone density scan, and while I was lying there on the bed with my legs comfortably draped over a big foam block, I shut my eyes and did the court house meditation. It's a reminder to us all that we really CAN do this any time at all when we have a moment to ourselves (even if there is someone else in the room, as in my case this morning).

When I got into work afterwards I sat in the car park until Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" finished on the radio. It was raining, so everything seemed to be in sympathy with my thoughts and emotions with respect to Michael - even if it wasn't his song that was playing.

Legends never die, I told myself... and the candle of their life force, though it burned so brightly and too briefly here on Earth, can NEVER be snuffed out by the wind or anything else, whether natural or man made.

Michael's spirit is immortal, as I believe is the case with all of us. Now healed of the physical and emotional pain he suffered throughout his earthly life, the force of Michael's light burns so much brighter - because WE are all constantly feeding it with our own love, prayers and good intentions.

Even his detractors and false accusers are feeding the light... the more they try to cast doubt and darkness on his memory, the harder WE all work to defend and protect it. So, in this way, I see even those that bear MJ ill will are agents for enhancing his legacy. (We can only hope that some day that light will heal THEM, too.)

I believe that it is our great love and belief in the innate goodness of Michael's intentions while on this Earth that transmutes the negativity into positive energy - and it is that which feeds the flame of love - ours for Michael, and his for all of us, the animals and the planet.

It is in moments of clarity like this that I realize that being a Michael fan is not only a great gift, but it is a great lesson as well. During the heart-wrenching times, I need to remember that, and bring my focus back to the light.

May 31, 2013 10.20 am

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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