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Monday, August 25th is the next global #MajorLovePrayer in honor of MJ

Monday, August 25th is the next global Major Love Prayer in Michael's honor! We will again be uniting hearts across the planet at the same moment. Please join wherever you are at exactly 2:00pm PDT (5pm EDT / 21:00 UT / 22:00 UK / 23:00 CET - see Global Time Chart) this and EVERY 25th to HEAL THE WORLD with the power of our UNITY, joining every nation in PEACE and LOVE.

'How to Participate' info in 19 languages

It's very easy to be a part of this worldwide wave of MAJOR LOVE! Take a few deep breaths, focus your mind and heart on LOVE (tip: think of who you love, and how grateful you are for their presence in your life!) and LET LOVE FILL YOU UP. Feel it, hold it within, smile... When you are ready, visualize reaching out your hand and taking the hands of all of us around the world. Imagine that this LOVE CONNECTS US across oceans and continents. WE ARE ONE. Next, SEND OUT A MAJOR LOVE to all the world! Send your well wishes of healing and peace and comfort to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.... Let us together FILL THE ENTIRE WORLD WITH LOVE!!! Hold this focus and this visualization and feeling as long as you can. Perhaps visualize glowing hearts filling the air and touching every person, animal, molecule of air. ALL IS LOVE. May this comfort, teach, heal and grow... and may we all feel it more in our hearts each day.

Thank you so much! And did you know that next month is our 5 year anniversary of the first ever 'Major Love Prayer'?!... please help spread the word! :) May our global 'MJ Family' be UNITED by LOVE always.

Blessings and happiness ♥ ♥ ♥
~ the MLP team

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Anonymous said...

L.O.V.E. is the answer - Peace on earth <3

J5master said...

I participated and sent all my prayers and love to those in Gaza and in Ferguson. Hoping hoping hoping that the violence will stop and people will be reminded of the simple answers to some of these huge problems - love.

BeGodsGlow said...


BeGodsGlow said...

Thank you so much for joining us again for another beautiful #MajorLovePrayer! ❤ May we carry this glow within us and into the world each day, breathing LOVE. And may we work together, representing Michael with respect to each other and care for all the world. Blessings and gratitude to you! And be sure to join us next month for the 5 year anniversary of the first 'Major Love Prayer'! And *this Friday* we will be joining with other fan groups in a special prayer/meditation on Michael's birthday! 🎈 Details tomorrow or Wednesday. :) Thank you again, and may we all be healed... body, mind and spirit. 💞🌎 ~ bgg of the MLP team

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