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Thank you! Have fun w/Thrill the World & see you again November 25th!

We want to thank all the beautiful fans around the world who took part in today's 'Major Love Prayer'! Thank you for making this happen every month, and for ALL you do, from the smallest thing to the greatest. It all matters! ♥ 

May we now carry this major love with us as we go about our days, taking one step at a time to make the world a better place. May we carry Michael's heart within our own, allowing this global compassion and caring to grow within us, changing us, expanding our souls and reminding us of the greater mission ... to love each other and ALL the world and its children. From this point we expand outward, our spirits strengthened and fortified... into a brighter tomorrow. May we be guided on this journey so that we may see the ways in which each of us can use our own unique gifts to bring more joy and healing to our global family. And may we celebrate, respect and honor Michael's legacy by staying united in love and light! 

Sending you LOVE and GRATITUDE, lovelies! See you again for the next 'Major Love Prayer' on Tuesday, November 25th! ♥♥♥ ~ MLP team

P.S. Thrill the World begins in minutes! Wishing all our amazing, dancing 'zombie' friends a great time! Have FUN, you guys!!!

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Anonymous said...

Remain peaceful as those who are peacemakers. The confusion that existed upon the Earth between persons will be meted out elsewhere by judges far beyond those of this world. The ultimate goal is love, so never be surprised by the love overwhelming any other emotions that existed during the earthly plane. We must continue to be peacefully minded, never allowing thoughts of anger to dominate or diminish our capacity and capability to forward the true message of Michael, which always has been, as you show in the most recent beautiful picture, "He loves you more."

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