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Thank you, beautiful friends! See you for the next #MajorLovePrayer December 25 ♥

Thank you to all our beautiful friends around the world who took part in today's 'Major Love Prayer'! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you SO much for keeping this alive every month, and for ALL you do to carry on Michael's legacy of LOVE and HEALING. 

May we continue to be guided on this journey together, both in discovering our own unique gifts and in learning to give them in celebration of our global family. May we always be united, in deepest honor and respect of Michael, each other and the children of the world. 

Our hearts are focused in this THANKFULNESS as we walk forward in LOVE and LIGHT. Our next global 'Major Love Prayer' will be on December 25th, Christmas Day! (time chart) Much LOVE and GRATITUDE! ♥ ~ the MLP team 

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