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Come Together... to Change the World! ~ new daily intention initiative starting this week

Dear, beautiful MJ-family around the world ~ We are very happy to announce a new initiative of love that will begin on MONDAY and will be an ongoing mission, in conjunction with several other spirituality-focused fan groups!

Many of you joined in the past two years for the daily Come Together prayers, and some of you have asked if we're going to continue with this and when. The answer is YES and NOW, with a bit of a twist. The new initiative is called CHANGE THE WORLD and will be a daily prayer/meditation to raise positive vibrations across the world by LIFTING UP key groups of people, from policy makers, teachers, youth culture and more in LIGHT and LOVE, awakening compassion and providing strength and inspiration. Each day of the week there will be a different focus, so each day we will be joining together around the world, whatever time of day you can fit into your schedule, with a day-specific intention in your mind and heart. It will be a continuous uplifting vibration in between our monthly MAJOR LOVE PRAYERS.

Details can be found in Jan's post (see MLP's Facebook photo or Call for Love/Change the World group ), and very soon we'll also post a simple visualization and easy to follow info like we had for Come Together smile emoticon Thank you & much LOVE! ~ the MLP Team 

And don't forget: THIS WEDNESDAY we'e sending out a MAJOR LOVE! #MajorLovePrayer is January 25th!

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